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Where do you get Entei?


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January 28, 2014 2:02PM

For LeafGreen/FireRed, the starter you pick also determines which ledgendary Johto

beast roams Kanto. Squitle gets Raikou, Charmander gets Suicune and

Bulbasaur gets Entei.

I caught it and you just have to take pot luck when you do i played it for 2 hours and got it ya see luck init?

or if you got all the starters it depends on which one is in the front of the party i put Venasuar in the front: Entie

Charizard in the front: Suicune

Blatiose in the front: Raikou
You need to have picked bulbasaur as your starter. Then after you defeat the Pokemon League it will appear at a random time and location. (Without cheat systems such as AR and Game Shark.)