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Where do you get a Salac Berry in Pokemon?

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you can only get a Salac Berry by transferring it from Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red or Leaf Green via Pal Park.

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How do you get a salac berry in Pokemon Diamond?

The Salac Berry is a rare berry in Pokemon Diamond. It can only be obtained from distribution events that had legendary Pokemon holding them. These events are no longer being ran or support for Pokemon Diamond.

Can you get salac berry from pick up in Pokemon emerald?


Where is the salac berry in Pokemon sapphire?

In the Pokemon colloseum BONUS DISC you can send a jirachi holding a salac berry through your game link cable connected to your gba and gamecube to the empty slot in your Pokemon party. viola!

Where do you get a salac berry in Pokemon Ruby?

You can't get a Salac Berry in Pokémon Ruby. Instead, you have to get one in Pokémon Coliseum or Pokémon XD and transfer it to your Ruby game.

What is the best Pokemon for contests in sapphire?

A Pokemon that can learn moves for the contest you want to enter in, using pokeblocks made from berries like spelon berry or durin berry or ganlon berry or belue berry or pamtre berry or watmel berry or salac berry or leichi berry or petaya berry will give you better levels and less feels expeccially if you blend with 4 people.

How do you get all berry mutations in Pokemon X and Y?

Here's the list of all the Berry mutations in Pokémon X and Y: Apicot Berry - Kelpsy Berry + Wacan Berry;Ganlon Berry - Qualot Berry + Tanga Berry;Grepa Berry - Aguav Berry + Figy Berry;Hondew Berry - Aspear Berry + Leppa Berry;Kee Berry - Liechi Berry + Ganlon Berry;Kelpsy Berry - Chesto Berry + Persim Berry;Liechi Berry - Hondew Berry + Yache Berry;Maranga Berry - Salac Berry + Petaya Berry;Petaya Berry - Pomeg Berry + Kasib Berry;PomegBerry -Iapapa Berry + Mago Berry;Qualot Berry - Oran Berry + Pecha Berry;Salac Berry - Grepa Berry + Roseli Berry;Tamato Berry - Sitrus Berry + Lum Berry.

How do you get Salac Berry in pokémon Ruby?

You have to get to the 90 or above floors in battle tower

What is a good move set for Cacturne in Pokemon emerald?

Cacturne @Salac Berry Nature: Jolly EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Speed ~ Endure ~ Destiny Bond ~ Focus Punch ~ Hidden Power (Ghost)

Where do you get a friendly berry in Pokemon sapphire?

there is no such thing as a friendly berry in Pokemon sapphire

What is a starf berry in Pokemon sapphire?

Its a berry given by Scott in Pokemon emerald.

How do you make a Pokemon eat a berry in Pokemon Diamond?

you get a berry and select it from your babg and click on one of you pokemon

Where is iapapa berry in Pokemon FireRed?

You can get a iapapa berry from lostelle at berry forest also possibly from a Pokemon that has the ability pickup.

Where is a berry shop in Pokemon Diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond, the berry shop is in Floaroma Town.

Legendary Pokemon in berry Forrest in fire red?

There is no legendary Pokemon in berry forest.

What berry do you use for a poisined Pokemon?

You use the Pecha Berry to heal a poisoned Pokemon.

What is the best berry in Pokemon?

There is no specific best berry but depending on the Pokemon you are using certain berries can pull a victory out of nowhere. For example say you have heracross verse charizard your already thinking charizard will win but you use rock slide to beat it but charizard doesn't faint and uses fire blast heracross doesn't faint but it will on the next turn, also heracross is slower than charizard so charizard will beat it because of its slower speed. But your salac berry activates and you use rock slide again and defeat charizard.

How do you get the lansat berry starf berry enigma berry and leichi berry in Pokemon sapphire or ruby?

the enigma berry is impossible, the leichi berry can be obtained at mirage island or from Pokemon colosseum or Pokemon xd gale of darkness, the other berries may be able to be obtained from emerald.

How do you get the custap berry?

The Custap Berry is an event exclusive berry in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. The berry was held by legendary Pokemon that were given out during events for the 11th, 13th and 16th Pokemon Movies. As these events are no longer held the only way to get the Custap Berry is to trade for a Pokemon holding one.

What is the most rare berry in Pokemon Emerald?

Starf berry is the most rarest berry,

How do you get a Starf Berry in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't get that berry in firered.

What berry is number 13 in Pokemon ruby?

Mago berry

What is a Starf Berry in Pokemon?

Starf berry is a super rare berry in pokemon, and powers up pokemon's attack in battle. the effect will go out after the battle

What does the red shard do in Pokemon HeartGold?

The red shard can be given to the guy next to the Pokemon center for a cheri berry,a pecha berry and a leppa berry.

What are the best move for a Beedrill?

Beedrill normally has good attack so have these moves: Endure, Endeavor, Sludge Bomb, Twineedle. Have it hold a Salac berry or Leichi berry and use Endure if your opponent is a fire type then use Endeavor your opponent will be left with one hp!

How do you make indago pokeblocks in Pokemon ruby?

It depends on the lvl of the pokemon...: BLUE- Level 10: Chesto Berry Oran Berry Level 25: Wiki Berry INDIGO- Level 10: Lum Berry Bluk Berry Wepear Berry Level 25: Kelpsy Berry Hondew Berry Cornn Berry Level 50: Pamtre Berry