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Where do you get a deepsea scale and a deepsea tooth in the Pokemon Emerald for Game Boy Advance?

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You get it from Captain Stern in Slateport City after finding the Scanner in the Abandoned Ship but you need a Pokemon with Dive.


You can get BOTH that is to use GameShark

The steps...

1.Go to YouTube and type this in the search box,Pokemon Emerald-ALL ITEM on sale!!! (you can just copy and paste from here.The user is smarkoh)

2.Go click on (more info) at the description and the cheat is available there.

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***The cheat is for ALL(most) of the items and it only works for emerald

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Can you get the deepsea scale in Pokemon FireRed?

No only in ruby and sapphire and emerald.

What is better a deepsea too or a deepsea scale in emerald?

deepsea tooth gets you huntail while deepsea scale gets you gorebyss. You can decide which on you think is better now.

What evolves clampearl?

It requires a deepsea tooth or a deepsea scale.Once the either item is obtained, and attached to clamperl, clamperl must be traded to another pokemon cartridge. The deepsea tooth helps it become huntail, the deepsea scale makes it evolve into Gorebyss.

How do you get gorebyss in Pokemon pearl?

Go to route 221 and fish for a Clamperl. Make it hold Deepsea Scale and trade it. Deepsea Scale can be obtained by catching wild Chinchou. They sometimes hold it.

Can you cheat to get a deepsea scale and a deepsea tooth?

cheating is wrong.

What to evolve with deepsea scale and a deepsea tooth?

Clampearl have it hold it then trade it.

What level does clamperl evolve in Pokemon black?

in fact it does not evolve with leveling up. It evolves with a deepsea tooth or deepsea scale held via trade. Glad if I could help.

How do you get a deepsea tooth in Pokemon ruby?

First you need to go through the abandoned ship and get a scanner from a scientist in there Note: need dive, then give the scanner to captain stern and he will allow you to choose either a deepsea scale or deepsea tooth obviously you want the tooth. Finally have a clamperl hold the deepsea tooth then trade it to a friend then take it back and it will be huntail, if you chose the scale you will get gorebyss instead of huntail.

How does clamperl evolve?

To evolve Clamperl, you need to give it either the Deepsea Tooth or the Deepsea Scale, then trade it. It will then evolve into either a Huntail or Gorebyss, depending on which item you make it hold. A Clamperl with a Deepsea Tooth will evolve into a Huntail, and a Clamperl with a Deepsea Scale will evolve into a Gorebyss.

How do you evolve clampearl?

If you want a huntail you trade it with deepsea tooth. if you want gorebyss trade it with a deepsea scale.

How do you evolve clamperl in Game Boy advanced Pokemon emerald version game?

There are 2 ways:Have your Clamperl hold a Deepsea Tooth*, and then trade it to evolve into a HuntailOr">OrHave your Clamperl hold a Deepsea Scale*, and then trade it to evolve into a Gorebyss.*You only get either the DST or the DSS when you return Capt. Stern his scanner from the abandoned ship on route 108.- i hope this helps!

Where do you get heart scale in Pokemon emerald?

to get a heart dive

Dragon scale in Pokemon emerald?

The Dragonscale is an item in Pokemon Emerald version. There is a chance that certain Pokemon such a Horsea will be holding one when you catch it.

Where do you find a heart scale in Pokemon emerald?

On wild Pokemon and serval locations.

How do you get a dragon scale in Pokemon emerald?

by catching a horsea just do it i do it

Where is the move relearner in Pokemon Emerald?

To remember moves in Pokemon emerald get a heart scale and go to fallabour town he's there

What does the Pokemon gorebess look like?

It's a pink eel pokemon. It has a beak and looks like a female pokemon, it is pink and has banner looking things attached. You get it when you trade a clamperl with a deepsea scale attached.

How do you get gorebyss in platinum?

First, you need to obtain a clamperlSecond, you need to obtain a deepsea scale, which can be obtained in the ruby, sapphire, and emerald games by going to the abbandoned ship and getting the sea captains thingy(cant remember what the name is) and return in to the capain in slateport and you will be awarded either deepsea tooth or scale(if you want gorebyss then take the scale)Third, give the scale to your clamperl and then trade it, and voila, you got yourself a GorebyssP.S. if you want it on platinum, your gonna have to migrate it from the game you have it on, but if you don't have Pokemon emerald, ruby, or sapphire then youll try to find the stuff on platinumbut if my answer doesnt work for you go to the website his site will have all your answers

Where is the scanner you n Pokemon emerald?

in one room on the abondoned ship, you can dive, then you have to enter rooms and find keys, eventually you will get the scanner in RM. 2. Take it to Cpt. Stern, and he gives you a deepsea tooth or scale. They evolve clampearl through trade into huntail or Gorebyss

What does clamperrl elvove into?

4 clamperrl 2 evolve u must have a deepsea tooth 2 get huntail or a deepsea scale 2 get gorbyss.

Does a clamperl evolve?

Yes, but u will need to trade it, and make it hold a deepsea tooth or deepsea scale. then trade. it will then evolve into haintail or gorebyss.

How do you evolve clampearl in HeartGold?

Clampearl does NOT evolve from leveling up. To get huntail you give it a deepsea tooth and trade it. To get gorebyss you trade it with a deepsea scale.

Where is the deep sea tooth in Pokemon ruby?

you have to go to the abandored ship by dewford town, find the scanner then fly to slateport and give it to the captin (forgot his name) he will trade it for deepsea tooth or deepsea scale. you can only get one of them. if you already got 1 of the the other one is impossible to get without trading or cheating. deepsea tooth evolves clampearl into huntail and the scale evolves clampearl into goryabs (sorry about spelling)

Where do you get a deepsea scale and a deepsea tooth in the Pokemon ruby for Game Boy Advance?

In a ship near Dewford town in route 107.In the ship is a room where you dive to go to another place.There you find 6 doors.The 5 are locked.The opened door has the key to open another one,which will have the key to another... When you open all the doors you will find something.Then you will go to Slateport where you will give it to a man in the port.

Where can you find a heart scale in Pokemon Emerald?

all you have to do is go on