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the fishing guru gives it to you in olivine city

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Q: Where do you get a good rod in soul silver?
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Where is the Good Rod in Soul Silver?

ollivine city

How do you get a good rod in Pokemon soul silver?

you will find it in a house somewhere

Where to get the good rod in soul silver?

A house above the Pokecenter in Olivine City.

Where do you get the good rod in pokemon soul silver?

You get it from a Fishing Guru at Olivine City.

How do you get super rod in soul silver?

you get the good rod from somebody, and on route 12 there is a house, walk in there and speak to the guy, he will give you a super rod :).

Where do you get a fishing rod in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you get the old rod from one of the fishermen on route 32,the good rood in olivine,

Where do you find the good rod in soul silver?

The Fishing Guru in Olivine City gives it to you.

Where you can find staryu in soul silver?

Fish with the Good Rod in Cherrygrove City (night only)

Where can you find a good rod on Pokemon heart gold or soul silver?

You can find the good rod in Olivine City, someone will give it to you in the first house below the gym. :)

How do you get old rod in soul silver?

I honestly have no idea. Just wait till Olivine for the good rod! Keep Battling

Where do you get a rod in soul silver?

at olivine city

What kind of rod do you need to catch horsea on soul silver?

Super rod!

Where can you get a dratini in soul silver?

If you go into the Dragon's Den and surf around, or use a Good Rod, you might get one.

How do you get the rods in soul silver?

The old rod should be in goldenrod city the good rod should be in olivine city and the super rod should be in lavender city. I'm not sure about the old rod. You just have to talk to people

Where to get a good rod in Pokemon soul silver?

You can get it in the house south east of the olivine gym. HOPE THIS HELPS! :)

What and where is the gts on soul silver?

in golden rod city

Where are all the rods in Pokemon soul silver?

they are the good rod the u get the super rod and finally u get the master rod and u also get to catch diffrent pokemon with each rod answerd by benbower-rose

What rod do you use for a remoraid on soul silver?

U can use a good or super rod. u will have better luck with the super rod. and if u cant find them, their at route 44. hope i helped

How do you catch a Pokemon with a good rod in soul silver?

If you throw it in deep enough, you should catch a pikachu. If you don't......

Were to get a rod in soul silver?

its in migginiggins garage outside portrush

Where in ol ivine city is the good rod in soul silver?

It is not in olivine it is in Kanto Region under lavender town were the bridge is u will see a house talk to guy there u have super rod.

Where can you find horsea because all i find is tentacool using surf in pokemon soul silver?

It is at Seafoam Islands while Surfing or using the Good/Super Rod and at Whirl Islands, while using the Good/Super Rod.

Where do you get the fishing rod in soul silver?

near lavender town's route

Where can i get a super rod on Pokemon soul silver?

explore a bridge in kanto

Which city the day care is in soul silver?

It is in golden rod city