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Gold/Silver/Crystal- Route 25

Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald- Route 119, Route 124 (Trade for Green Shard)

FireRed/LeafGreen- Safari Zone

Diamond/Pearl- Floaroma Meadow

Platinum- Floaroma Meadow

HeartGold/SoulSilver- National Park (Bug Catching Contest Prize), Route 34, Route 25 (Put Oddish in your party and show Bill's grandfather.), Viridian Forest

Black/White- Route 6 (Put all seasonal Deerling in party and go to Season Institute.), Castelia City (There's a Scientist at one of the docks and answer "Pansage" to his answer), Wellspring Cave (Dustcloud; rest of these are.), Mistralton Cave, Chargestone Cave, Twist Mountain, Challenger's Cave, Victory Road, and Giant Chasm.

Black 2/White 2- Route 7, Lostlorn Forest (Dowsing Machine), Wellspring Cave (Dustcloud; these are caves are too.), Chargestone Cave, Mistralton Cave, Twist Mountain, Victory Road, Giant Chasm, Seaside Cave, Rebirth Mountain, Clay Road, Underground Ruins, Relic Path, Caselia Sewers, and N's Castle.

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Q: Where do you get a leafstone?
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How does a gloom evolve into a bellossom?

this worked for me: give it a leafstone. I did it like this, level 18 male, leafstone, bellossom

What is the leafstone for in HeartGold?


What Pokemon can you use a leafstone on?

You can use leaf stone on Exeggcute, gloom, nuzleaf, pansage, and weepinbell. That is it to the pokemon that can use leafstone.

What pokemon evolves with a leafstone?


Can you find a leafstone in veilstone city?


What does pansage evolve to in Pokemon?

simisage, you evolve him with a leafstone

Which Pokemon can you use a leafstone on in Pokemon White?


What makes a Leafstone evolve in Emerald?

nuzkleaf into shrifty

Where do you find a leafstone in pkemon emerald?

Route 119, 124

What Pokemon does the leafstone evolve?

gloom,so now you have a bellossom

What Pokemon evolves from a leafstone?

leafeon, roserade and a few more...

What Pokemon evolve with a leafstone in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Oddish, Gloom.

How do you get a Victreebel in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

Use a LeafStone on Weepinbell

How do you evolve weepinbell into victreebel in Pokemon gold version?

with a leafstone

What does a leafstone do?

A leafstone is used to evolve certain grass pokemon. Gloom evolves into vileplume Weepinbell evolves into Victreebel Exeggute evolves into eggecutor Nuzleaf evolves into Shiftry I HOPE THAT HELPED!

How do you evolve Gloom in Pokemon FireRed?

Vilepume-leafstone bellosm-sunstone

Where to get a leafstone in Pokemon ruby?

get a green shard on while your surfing between lilycove and mossdeep the when yu continue surfing there shoul dbe a house in the middle of nowhere go inside and trade the green shard for a leafstone

When does seedot evolve into nuzleaf?

you need to use a leafstone on it,that can you find at routh 119...

Where do you find the leafstone in Pokemon FireRed?

I will answer this in 1-3 days,thank you,sorry!

Do pansage evolve in Pokemon White?

yes it evolves into a simisage when you use a leafstone on it

At what level does weepinbell evolve in Pokemon Yellow?

you need a leafstone to evolve weepinbell.

Where do you get a leafstone in Pokemon Silver?

Take an oddish to Bill's grandfather on route 25

How does weeinbell evolve in Pokemon tower defence?

Wheepinbell needs a leafstone to evolve

How do you get a leafstone in emerald?

go down from mossdeep until you reach the diving area. Look for green shards and when you find one give it to the treasure hunter(he's left of mossdeep) and he will trade a leafstone for the shard that you've found.

Where do you find a leafstone on Pokemon Black and White?

In Castelia city on the easternmost pier, a man will ask you about which of the Pan- Pokemon you were given. You don't have to tell the truth, you could say you've got Pansage, and he'll give you a Leafstone.