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use thief on red's pickachu to steal a light ball

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Q: Where do you get a light ball?
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Who invented the light ball?

thomas Edison invented the light ballWRONG Tomas Edison invented the light BULB!!!! NOT LIGHT BALL

How do you get light ball in ruby?

To get a light ball you have to catch pikachus like mad,then hope that one of them is holding a light ball. What it does is that if you breed pikachu holding the light ball you will get a pichu with volt tackle.

Does a glitter ball give out light?

no.the light from the sun or light bulbs reflect the light against the glitter ball so it seems that the glitter ball gives out light.

Where can you buy light ball?

you don't here's how catch a pikachu and it will be holding a light ball A wild Pikachu may be holding a light ball

How do you light the crystal ball in Luigis Mansion?

You light the crystal ball with the fire

Is there a light ball in Pokemon Yellow?

There is no Light Ball item in Pokemon Yellow.

Which Pokemon is better Pikachu with light ball or magneton?

pikachu with light ball is better

What is the secret achievement on slime ball light?

slime ball light? what secret achievement?

Where do you get the Light Ball in FireRed?

Very rarely when you capture a pikachu it will be holding a light ball.

Why is a reflection of light similar to bouncing a ball?

Why is reflection of light similar to bouncing a ball

Where to find a light ball in LeafGreen?

You can't get the light ball leaf green or fire red.

How do you get a light ball on platinum?

to get a light ball you need to catch a pikachu and maybe it will hold one.

Where do you get the light ball in Pokemon white?

sadly u have to bring pikachu that has a light ball from emerald

Where do you get the light ball in Pokemon Emerald?

Well I have two answers here they are: You get light ball by catching wild pickachu and just check if they are holding light ball. Additionally, the light ball is obtainable by beating all of the levels of the trick house North of Slateport.

What happens when you throw a rugby ball at a light?

Depending on the amount of protection said light has, and the ability of the person throwing the ball, at worst case scenario you get a smashed light and a punctured ball.

Is a disco ball a light source?

Nope. It is simply a ball with a lot of shiny, smooth surfaces. A light projecter would be placed on top to project light while the ball reflects it.

You were approached by a small ball of bright white light what can it be?

A visible psi ballA spiritA light bulb

How to get a light ball?

IDK But THis Is How I Got It Find A pikachu Or pichu That Holds A light Ball ( 5% Chance it Will Have it )

How do you get light ball in FireRed?

You have to go and then go and then go to your home in Pokemon then you have to have a Lugia to have a light ball in firered

Where to find the light ball?

You must catch a wild Pikachu holding a Light Ball. However, this is very rare, so catch as many Pkachu as you can and hope that it might be holding a light ball.

Where can you get light ball?


How do you get the light ball for Pikachu?

well i know on Pokemon emerald, when you catch a pikachu, it is already holding a light ball

Is there a cheat for light ball in Pokemon diamond?

Sorry there is no cheat and I don't think I ever heard of a "Light Ball".

Where can you get the light ball in Pokemon FireRed?

Where to get a Light Ball:You canNOT get a LIGHT BALL in Pokemon Fire Red, You can, however, get it from wild Pikachu at Pokemon Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire with 5% chances of getting one

How do you find a light ball in the Sinnoh region in Pokemon pearl?

The only way to obtain a Light Ball is by going into Trophy Garden and encountering Pikachu. (They may hold a Light Ball) If one of your Pokemon knows Thief or Covet, you can take the Light Ball from Pikachu. There's only a 5% chance that a wild Pikachu will hold a Light Ball so it my take a few tries.