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Hi, i had problem getting a loan from my bank.until i was introduced to REV.JOHN,a man of God whom God used to bless and change my life today. feel free to contact him today at consider your loan and financial problem solved as you take the right decision."congratulations in advance" remain blessed IN JESUS NAME.AMEN

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โˆ™ 2009-08-10 13:32:58
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Q: Where do you get a loan for 10000 with no job?
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Can I take out a loan of say 10000 if I own a house with equity but have no job?

yes as long as the loan amounts already on the house do mot exceed the houses value

Is a loan from a family member an example of an expensive loan?


Where can you get a student loan of 5000-10000 if you have no current monthly income and cannot get a job until you move out because of domestic violence at home?

You can get a legit loan at Mr Habert Robin private loan company via Email address:

Would someone be able to get a loan if they have no job but will use the money to relocate to a job?

The answer is yes and no depending on the type of loan you need and the amount. What kind of loan are you looking for?

What is the job of putting loan applications into official consideration?

processing a loan

Can I get a loan against an auto without a job?

I would say no, as you'd be a bad risk - no job so unable to pay back the loan.

What is the journal entry for a 9000 long term loan that will be repayed at 10000 at a later time Also what is the journal entry for repaying this loan in full?

Debit cash / bank 9000Credit long term loan 9000Debit long term loan 9000debit loss on repayment 1000Credit cash /bank 10000

If you don't have a job can you get a car loan?

If you can not prove to the loan officer that you have a stable source of income don't count on getting the loan.

Find the interest on a discount loan with a principal of 10000 at 4.3 percent for 123 days?


What is monthly interest payment on a 10000 loan for 5 years at 9.5 percent interest?


How do i get a car loan if i don't have a job?

Do you need a loan contact

If you tell an auto dealer that you have a job when you know you are quitting that job can you get in trouble?

If they have already approved your loan, you won't get in trouble. If you have trouble paying your loan because you don't have a job, your car will be repossessed.

In what situations can I get an emergency payday loan?

The situation does not matter. What maters is that you have a job and can prove your income to them to get the loan.

How do you apply for a crisses loan i have no job?

you cant

How do you get a car loan without credit or job?

it is very hard to get a car loan unless you show you are bringing in some type of income.. you may have a chance if you have a co signer yeah it's true car loan without credit as well job is very difficult to get, if you have no job then you must need cosigner to get car loan.

Someone cosigned a loan for me and I since lost my job can this person file suit for the entire loan or just what she cosigned for?

No, you would have to redo the loan.

How can you get a car loan while on unemployment?

Get job or ask your mamma or dada for loan and you wll pay them back

Will a car loan affect chances of getting a school loan?

In the US, no it won't. Your credit and job history do not play a part in student loan eligibility.

What is a typical rate for a 10000 dollar home loan?

Interest rates vary from institution to institution and depend greatly on the credit rating of the individual seeking a loan. The current rate on a $10,000 loan is approximately 12% for a period of five years.

What is monthly interest payment on a 10000 loan for 5 years at 12 percent interest?

The monthly interest is 100.

What was Scrooge's job?

He was money-lender, a loan shark.

How can you get a loan with no job and no collateral?

Creditworthiness or government guarantee.

Can you get a loan without a job but half the money down?

Not likely but only a lender can answer this question. My question is why in the world would you want to take out a loan when you do not have a job earning money. How are you going to make payments on a loan when you have no income. This sounds very foolish to me.

Can a loan company tell your job you applied for a loan?

I do not believe a loan company can release any information pertaining to your personal loan to anyone but the signee. That's just my personal opinion though.

How can a 17 year old apply for a personal loan?

Most companies don't loan money to 17 year olds. You'll be more successful if you can get a co-signer. This can be anyone, a friend or relative, who has a job and has credit established. You'll need a bank account. You can't get a loan unless you have a job. If you have a job, you might be able to get a PayDay loan which means you have to pay it back next month.