Where do you get a mermaid tail?


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Mermaids do not exist. They are made up and from stories, so humans can not have a mermaid tail unless they make one from cloth or buy a costume.

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It you can swim in it then yes.

well, go into water. Now check if you grew a mermaid tail. If you have a tail, you are a mermaid

How do you have a mermaid in 5 minutes .

Mermagica is the best place to get a mermaid tail or, if you feel crafty, just go online and search 'how to make a mermaid tail' and make one yourself.

Personally making a mermaid tail is better, don't think I'm crazy but the mermaid tails at mermagica look fake

To make a rubber mermaid tail someone needs to design a mold. Then they pour the rubber into the mold to create the tail.

You can make a mermaid tail out of pants with an elastic waist. Additional instructions are avilable at:

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It is different for every tail

When you buy your mermaid tail it will be your favorite color because that is the one you will pick. You can not become a mermaid because they are not real and the only way is to pretend to be one.

Well, there is NO way you can get a free mermaid tail. But you could just dream about it because I also am wishing for one too.

Second Life is an online virtual world. To become a mermaid, you only have to buy a mermaid avatar or a mermaid tail.

You can just search online for mermaid tails.That's what I did and I got an awesome mermaid tail.

in or

Yes she is, she has a green tail.

It means that the mermaid that has a red tail is in-love!

You are NOT a mermaid. People can not become other things and you haven't changed into a mermaid. You can not show her your tail unless it is a costume. Mermaids are not real and are only make believe.

The only way you can get a mermaid tail is to get a costume. Since you can take of the costume it is obviously temporary. There is no way of actually becoming a mermaid because you cannot change what you are and mermaids do not exist.

Technically, one cannot have a tail, but there have been individuals born with their legs fused together in what is commonly known as Mermaid Syndrome.

Technically, no. You should be wearing a mermantail.

No!!!! Buy it yourself silly 😝

They are not real creatures.

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