Where do you get a navel piercing kit from?

Well they are generally sold on line, but before you go getting any bright idea that you will save yourself time or money by doing it your self let me tell you some things about navel piercing. Professionally done navel piercings heal much better and are placed correctly and it the right depth. If you have trouble with your self done navel piercing you are for the most part on your own (don't expect a whole lot of help or sympathy from anyone let alone a professional body piercer). These do it your self kits are irresponsible and dangerous, the places that sell them will not take any responsibility for the kit, how you use it or any complications that may occur as a result of the kit being used. It's all about the money to them and to the manufacturers of the kits, actually they bank on people like you, who don't know anything about piercing to unknowing buy a kit go home and screw yourself up. You have a 50/50 chance of maybe getting it right, but more often as not you end up botching the job and wind up with a screwed up piercing and you are out 30 ~ 40 bucks in doing so which could have been put toward seeing a professional body piercer in the first place. Listen you care about your looks, you want to show your self off with a great navel piercing, so listen to common sense get it done by a trained professional body piercer who will be there to help you with after care assistance and guidance through the whole piercing and healing process with the years of knowledge and experience to get that piercing healed properly the first time around.