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Q: Where do you get a partridge?
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How do you spell partridge?

partridge ...right...

Who played Lori Partridge on the Partridge Family?

Susan Dey Laurie Partridge

Where is the Partridge Public Library in Partridge located?

The address of the Partridge Public Library is: 23 S Main, Partridge, 67566 0092

What kind of animal is a partridge?

A partridge is a bird.

Is a partridge a producer or consumer?

A partridge is a consumer.

Who was frank partridge's wife?

Mrs. Partridge

What is the birth name of Bellamy Partridge?

Bellamy Partridge's birth name is Edward Bellamy Partridge.

What is the birth name of Mick Partridge?

Mick Partridge's birth name is John Michael Partridge.

What is the birth name of Ross Partridge?

Ross Partridge's birth name is Ross Whitman Partridge.

What is the birth name of Wendy Partridge?

Wendy Partridge's birth name is Partridge-Hudolin, Wendy.

What has the author George Henry Partridge written?

George Henry Partridge has written: 'Partridge genealogy'

What type of tree was the partridge in?

"..... and a partridge in a PEAR tree ....."

What is a partridge?

A partridge a... well... a bird, to put it bluntly.

What breast size is audrina partridge?

Who is Audrina Partridge?

How tall is Andy Partridge?

Andy Partridge is 6'.

What is a young partridge called?

A young partridge is called a cheeper

In the Twelve days of Christmas where was the Partridge?

Partridge in a pear tree.

Who played Mrs Partridge on The Partridge Family?

shirley Jones

When was Crested Partridge created?

Crested Partridge was created in 1786.

When was Sidney Partridge born?

Sidney Partridge was born in 1857.

When did Sidney Partridge die?

Sidney Partridge died in 1930.

When did Joe Partridge die?

Joe Partridge died in 1988.

When was Joe Partridge born?

Joe Partridge was born in 1932.

When was The Partridge Festival created?

The Partridge Festival was created in 1961.

When was Haylee Partridge born?

Haylee Partridge was born in 1981.