Where do you get bulk water to fill a new pool?

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Check with your local pool company. They should be able to advise you which route is the cheapest of a delivery of water in a truck, using the fire hydrant (if in an area with this service) or using your hoses at your home. Your city can give you further information about using the hydrant and hose rental. etc.

Any bulk water delivery company in your area will be able to fill up your pool. I live in Michigan and we've used Blue Water Trucking in the past. Try looking up similar companies under bulk water delivery in your area.

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Q: Where do you get bulk water to fill a new pool?
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Need delivery of bulk water for new pool over 14000gal?

Suck it from a river using your mouth and then in a few hours you should get it back which you can deposit into your pool.

How do you clear up swimming pool water when it is greeen?

* To clean a pool and new fresh water when the water is green you have to drain the water. * After all the water is gone wash the pool * When that is done you can fill the pool with fresh water. These steps depend on what kind of pool u have!!! I would assume that the above is referring to pools without filters and pumps. The answer should be lots of chlorine and 24/7 filtering of water.

Is it ok to fill a pool that has a new liner at night or just while the sun is on it?

The water should not be turned off until at the recommended level. Leave the hose on. Pool & Spa

How many gallons of water will fill a 12 foot by 18 foot long by 4 foot deep pool?

WolframAlpha, a new search engine gives a UK gallon of water at 0.1337 cu.ft so your pool should take 6,462 gallon to fill, give or take a cupful. Check it out!

Is there a fast way to fill a new swimming pool?

some local fire departments will fill pools for a fee.

Can you move an in ground pool?

No. In order to "move" a pool you would have to "prep" the old pool for demolition by code and then fill it with the proper materials of a construction site as per code. Then you would pick a new location for your "new" pool. Yes the "new" pool would have to be built from scratch.

You heard new pool water is green and turns blue in a few days is this true?

You have to treat pool water with pool chemicals and use a pool filter to get and keep the water clear.

How can you convert a vinyl lined swimming pool with steel walls and a sand bottom to fiberglass?

You can't, I have never heard of any one converting any type of pool. The pool has to be taken out and then you can rebuild a new pool or fill in and put new pool in a new spot cost wise it is not feasable.

How do you get wrinkles out of the pool liner?

wrinkles in the liner are impossible to remove after the pool is filled. It's a loosing battle. Only two options. #1- if the wrinkles are small just enjoy the pool. Next time you fill the pool have the kids work the wrinkles out as you fill it. #2- If the wrinkles are "over lapping" drain the pool and start over. The water bill is much cheaper than a new liner. Good Luck hope this will help. R.B.

Should there be a gap between the liner and pool bottom and side on a new inground pool?

There may be small gaps at the corners. Once water is put in the pool, the pressure will stretch the liner to fill these gaps. Since the water fill from the bottom upwards, any air "trapped" on the bottom will be forced out the top as well when the pool is filled. The water is in the pool, liner is rounded in the corners and their is approximately 1" space between the liner and bottom/side corner of the pool bottom.

Will a salt water pool damage new grout if the water is not balanced?

if the salt water pool has a extreme high mineral content it ,could make the grout white, if the grout is new.

What do you need to fill and start a new pool?

when you have filled the pool so the static skimmer is underwater and water can get to the filtration system let it run for about 24 hours. the best thing to do after that is to take a sample of water from a bout an arms length down from the surface of the pool. Do this by thoroughly cleaning a soft drink bottle or something like that, Hold it upside down as you put it in the water push it down as far as you can reach and turn it around when the bole is full cap it and take it to a pool shop. Let them know that this is new water. and also where it came from,They will tell you from testing your water exactly what is required to get the water ready to swim in.

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