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Where do you get charzard in diamond version?

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how to get charizard:

trade from another game

go to the secret place in the volcano and u might find a charmeloen or charizard

good luck :)

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How do you get Charmander on Pokemon Diamond?

put a ditto and a charzard in the daycare

Does anyone have a shiny charzard in diamond?

No i don't , but i have a dark charzard it is on level 100 it knows the strongest attacks in the world! Shiny charzard is so last Year, dark charzard is even stronger than a shiny one:) i have 1 but what would you give me

What evolves with a oval stone in Pokemon diamond?

The Charzard evolves into a Charmander.

What is the first Pokemon game ever made?

It was the Red version with Charzard on it and the Blue version with Blastiose on it! (:

When does charzard evolve on yellow version?

Charizard does not evolve, but charmeleon evolves at level 36.

How much is a golden Charizard worth?

there is no golden charzard but their is a black charzard. it is just a shiny charzard

How can you get charzard Ivysaur and Blastoise at the same time on Pokemon LeafGreen version?

you just use gameshark...easy..

What is a ds game with Charizard as starter?

there isn't any you have to beat diamond/pearl and and migrate charzard from fire red/ leaf green. for platinum do what i told you and trade it from diamond/pearl

How do you catch charzard in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you can not catch charzard in soul silver, but after you beat red, you can get charmander from pr. oak and evolve it in to charzard

How do you capture charzard in Pokemon Ranger?

I don't think that there is a charzard in pokemon ranger.

In Pokemon Diamond Japanese Version How many Pokemon does ash have?

Ash has 6 Pokemon in Diamond version

How do you get charzard in Pokemon emerald?

you have to trade it from Pokemon red to silver (u need the time machine) then trade it from silver to any version and so on :)

How do you get charzard in Pokemon platinum?

Charzard isn't a Pokémon so you can't get it in any Pokémon game.

How do you get charzard in Pokemon Diamond?

You will need to migrate Charizard from the Generation III games to the Pal Park or trade for it with a nearby friend. Charizard or its pre-evolution forms cannot be caught or given to you in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl.

Who is a pro in Pokemon diamond version?

I dont have pokemon diamond

Where can you buy Diamond Version?

You can buy Pokemon Diamond version at your local electronics store in the Video Game section.

How do you get the cave on iron island in Pokemon diamond?

You can't get to it on Diamond Version. Only on Platinum Version. It isn't on Diamond Version. Plus, you have to have a special Regigas from Mystery Gift that they don't distribute anymore. Owen

How do you transfer Pokemon from explorers version to diamond version?

It is impossible

How can you trade Pokemon from diamond version to diamond version?

using two ds consoles and two diamond games on them. <[his]. [mine]> i hate it it takes all your money.

How do you get charzard?

You cannot get charzard in emerald, ruby or sapphire unless you trade from FireRed, LeafGreen, XD, or Colleseum

How do you connect Pokemon Diamond to Pokemon sapphire?

you need to have the sapphire version in the gameboy slot and the diamond version in the other slot

How do you migrate Pokemon to Diamond version?

If you have the Pokemon Diamond Version booklet go to the content page and look up how to migrate .

How does riolu learn aura sphere in Pokemon Diamond version?

How does riolu learn aura sphere in pokemon diamond version?

How you can get tepig in diamond version?

Sorry, you can not get tepig in pokemon diamond version because diamond is a 4th generation game and tepig is a 5th generation pokemon. Get black/white!

Can diamond version and sapphire version trade Pokemon?

i don't think so since sapphire is a game-boy version and diamond is nintedo ds version but since sapphire is a game-boy version you can migrate Pokemon from there.