Halloween Costumes

Where do you get spy Halloween costumes for teenagers?


Wiki User

A good idea and economical- normal working dress for KGB operative- Black or slate grey trench coat ( practical too, end of October, a Russian hat ( available fairly easily, if you can get a real one all the better, the round-top versions preferred by the Agency, though fore-and-aft are okay. Boots to add a paramilitary and rough-edge look- there you have it Comrade- and perhaps a simulated or real- many sources in NYC, KGB badge. It is possible to get IKGB ( czarist equivalent) tie bars- from some sources oh yes, if partying, why not a straight and level -like Berlin formal men:s shirt with or without epaulets, if you have the tie bar- wear with Black solid tie and white Blouse- Tat is the Party approved style! Good Luck, and hope you get to escort a nice fugitive Grand Duchess!