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go to the aqua hideout in lilicove go to all the teleport pads until you the group of them

, left most,left, left, left, left and when you go to the bottom go to the far left not th middle

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โˆ™ 2010-06-27 03:02:44
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Q: Where do you get the master ball in Pokemon emerald?
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Pokemon emerald how to get a master ball?

Somewhere in the aqua hideout you can find a master ball.

How do you get 2 master balls in Pokemon emerald?

you have to clone that Pokemon holding a master ball

What ball do you use to catch latias in Pokemon emerald?

a master ball!!!

How do you get a second masterball in Pokemon Emerald?

I dont think you can get another Master Ball in Pokemon Emerald Version. If you have seen people with more then 1 Master Ball, they´ve used a hack to clone the Master Ball.

How do you catch Ladios Pokemon Emerald?

you use master ball

How do you copy a master ball on Pokemon Emerald Version?

You can copy a master ball on Pokemon Emerald by having one of your friends that has one sign on to their ds and connect the two. Then they can give it to you in the Pokemon center.

In Pokemon fire red how do you make a poke-ball a master ball?

You can't do that unless you have emerald. then you can clone the master ball.

''how do you get unlimited master balls'pokemon emerald?

first you get amaster ball give the master ball to Pokemon copy that Pokemon over and over again then take the master balls from the Pokemon

Where can you get a master ball in Pokemon emerald?

you can get a master ball in the team aqua hideout. Its in a room with four poke-balls.

How do you get 999 master balls in Pokemon emerald without codes or cheats?

Clone your Pokemon and give them the master ball

Master ball cheat code for pokemon emerald?

9238KAJK9230 87IUSL6723kl

How do you get the master ball Pokemon emerald?

it is in the team aqua hideout by the electrodes

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