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Where do you get the mystery gift?

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2009-04-22 18:12:49

You can get the Mystery Gift from different sources, in the GBA

games it is a Survey within the PokeMart. In Diamond, Pearl and

Platinum, You must go the the 3rd Floor of the Jubilife City TV

Station and talk to the fellow with the beard and glasses. He will

ask you your opinion on TV. You must tell him the phrases

"Everyone" and "Happy". Then, when he asks the next question, you

must tell him "WiFi" and "Connection" He will be surprised, say

that your a trainer and tell you to save the game. Save the game.

If you want to access your Mystery Gift, turn the gave off AFTER

SAVING and go to the title screen, under your current game file and

the "New Game" option you should see the choice "Mystery Gift."

Once you have a chance, get something from the mystery gift.

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