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Where do you get the second password in Pokemon FireRed?

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You receive the password from a scientist in dotted hole after he steals the sapphire from you.

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What is the second password to the rocket warehouse on Pokemon FireRed?

The password is: "Yes, nah, CHANSEY."

Second password in Pokemon FireRed?

Once you obtain the Sapphire in Dotted Hole a scientist will take it from you then tell you the 2nd password for the Rocket Warehous which is Yes nah Chansey.

What is the name of the second orb in Pokemon FireRed?

The orbs are not in firered.

How are you supost to get the second password on FireRed?

for what? be more specific, plz.

How do you get the password for FireRed Pokemon?

ok first u must go to the island were you here the to rocket members talking to get the first password then go to the rocket hideout they talk about and use cut on the door to get the second password

How do you find the second password in Pokemon Firered?

to get the second password for the warehouse, you need to go in to the dotted cave in island 5. and the pattern of the holles are forward,left,right. to amazement you find the sapphire, then some random guy takes it and says that he is gong to sell it to team rocket then tells you the second password

How do you get the second fossil in Pokemon FireRed?

You Cant

How do you get the other password to the warehouse in Pokemon FireRed?

island four or island five.

What is the second password of Team Fusion Lab in Pokemon Glazed?

The second password is "spatial."

Where can you get a program for editing Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Queen Elizabeth the second.

How do you get the second ruby in pokemon firered?

you don't get a second ruby you get a sapphire

Is lorlei at the league the second time in Pokemon firered?

no she is not

Is there a second chance to catch leginderies in Pokemon firered?


FireRed how to get the password?

what password

What is the password in the dotted hole on FireRed?

Answer:Have a Pokemon use the HM move Cut on the door.

Pokemon FireRed second masterball?

there is only one masterball

Where is the second ruby on pokemon firered?

there is only one ruby.

How do you get second master ball in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no second master ball in any game.

How do you get the second password of team rocket - firered?

You beat one of the grunts and they give it to you, I think.

What is the second password?

The second password on Pokemon fire red i think is:Chansey and the 1st one is Goldeen Need Log

How do you get the second password in Pokemon fire?

Find the sapphire in dotted hole a scientist will tell you the second password after taking the sapphire.

Pokemon FireRed where to get first password?

If your talking about the password for the rocket hideout you get the first one on mt ember where those two team rocket grunts are.

Can you get a second Eevee on Pokemon FireRed?

Yes, if you breed it at the Day Care.

Where trade room in FireRed?

It's on the second floor of the pokemon center.

Where to get staryu in firered?

In Pokemon firered you can't, but in Pokemon leafgreen you can get it then trade it to Pokemon firered.