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go on to YouTube and look up Club Penguin shorts

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โˆ™ 2012-06-25 06:51:49
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Q: Where do you get the shorts on Club Penguin?
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How do you get the shorts in Club Penguin?

The cheat is to swear really badly to another penguin

Where is the belt on Club Penguin?

what, the belt in one of the missions? Well, a display penguin is wearing it and when u take it his shorts fall down!

Will club penguin make a TV show?

There have been rumors going around on the internet about a supposed TV show, yet there is no solid proof of one. Although, there have been official Club Penguin animated shorts released, and sometimes they have appeared on TV. These shorts can be viewed on Club Penguin's Youtube channel and on their official blog. There is also a photo with upcoming Disney Channel shows, one of them being "Club Penguin: The Series!" This is not proof that there will be one, though, as it has not been confirmed by Club Penguin or Disney. Youtube Channel: Club Penguin Blog:

Is there a Club Penguin heaven on Club Penguin?

NoNo, there isn't a Club Penguin Heaven.You can't die on Club Penguin.

What are the best account games?

Club penguin club penguin club penguin club penguin guffins guffins guffins

Can you get on the old Club Penguin?

Not on the current Club Penguin but I think that they have old Club Penguin on Penguin Chat.

Who is coolorange54 in Club Penguin?

He is a famous penguin I club penguin

Is there Club Penguin heaven?

There is not a club penguin heaven. On club penguin there is a HQ if you do not know about it.

What are the walkthroughs to Club Penguin?

There Is No Walkthroughs On Club Penguin Club Penguin Is A Virtual World

How do you get your penguin in Club Penguin to a silver penguin?

we cannot convert our penguin in club penguin to a silver penguin

Can you draw on Club Penguin?

Club penguin

What is the head penguin on Club Penguin called?

There is 1 head penguin in Club Penguin. If you are talking about the most famous penguin or the main penguin on Club Penguin, it is rockhopper.

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