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Answered 2007-01-06 02:35:55 Connect your iPod to your computer. Launch iTunes. If you"re running the latest version, it will automatically check to see if your iPod is running the latest software. If it's not, click 'update' to download and install the latest iPod software.

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What does the iPod nano version 1.0.4 do?

The iPod Nano version 1.0.4 is just an upgrade version of the iPod software, and just fixes minor bugs that have occured in the earlier software.

Can you get an antivirus for iPod nano?

No, you cannot get an anti virus software for your iPod Nano. Anti virus software only works with a PC, and are intended only for PC use. It is not known of any virus in an iPod Nano, so no anti virus software has been made yet.

Why is the iPod Nano named iPod Nano?

nano means small. the ipod nano is smaller than the ipod mini.

Which ipod nano is compatible which the Nike fitness software?

i think its the nano cromatic but im not sure... i think its the nano cromatic but im not sure...

Timeline of an iPod?

iPod Classic, iPod Nano 1st Generation, iPod Nano 2nd Generation, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano 3rd Generation, iPod Nano 4th Generation, iPod Touch, iPod Nano 5th Generation.

How much is the iPod Nano?

ipod nano = 30 -150 ipod nano 2nd 30-160 ipod nano 3rd = 45-170 ipod nano 4th =60-200 ipod nano 5th = 120-230

How do you set up a photo slideshow on an Apple iPod Nano?

You use software

What iPod Nano?

What is an Ipod Nano? The iPod Nano (trademarked, marketed, and stylized as iPod nano) is a portable media player designed and marketed by Apple. The first generation of the iPod Nano was introduced in the end of 2005 as a replacement for the iPod mini.

Which iPod came first iPod nano iPod mini iPod shuffle?

ipod nano

Does an iPod Nano use nanotechnology?

no an ipod nano is not a ipod its an iphone

What is the difference between iPod and iPod Nano?

=an ipod nano is smaller than an ipod=

Was the iPod Shuffle before the iPod Nano?

The iPod Nano is before the iPod Shuffle.

What is the difference between a MP3 Player and a Nano?

The iPod Nano is a mp3 player. The only thing that is different is the software that is on it. The iPod is best used with iTunes, so if you use iTunes, get an iPod...

Who made the iPod Nano?

who made the ipod nano?

How do you unfreeze an ipod nano?

how do you unfreeze a iPod nano

Which ipod nano used with Nike fitness?

Nike + (plus) KIT send data to any NANO (ONLY) IPOD can be 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation but must be a NANO. You wll have to update the software of you NANO to the latest version (very simple process)

What does an iPod Nano do?

The key functions of the iPod Nano are music playback and displaying photos. In addition it can sync notes and colanders with a computer, it also has a number of games. The latest iPod Nano can also play video files and run additional software from the iTunes store.

Was the ipod nano the first ipod?

The iPod nano was not the first iPod; the iPod classic (at that time the iPod) was the first.

How do you put an APP on to iPod nano?

The apps from the iTunes app store only work on an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. They will not work on an iPod Nano. There are some games available (See links below) for the iPod Nano which you purchase from the iTunes store . Once downloaded you sync them to the iPod with the iTunes software under the Games tab.

Does iPod nano's have a camera?

No, the original ipod nano does not but there is a new ipod nano which does.

Is it better to gt the iPod Classic or the ne iPod Nano?

ipod nano

What came first the iPod Nano or webkinz?

iPod nano.

What is inside an iPod Nano case?

Usually an iPod Nano.

When was iPod Nano created?

IPod Nano was created in 2005.

What is the new iPod Nano from apple iPod named?

ipod nano 5th generation,