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Where do you go if you want to put in cheat codes for LEGO Indiana Jones?


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If you want to put in cheat codes, this is where you go: 1)Go to the main room in Barnett College where you always appear when you start playing. 2)Go down the stairs. 3)Go into the second door on your left. (if its not that one, try the third door, but im pretty sure its the second) 4)It should be a classroom with a chalkboard and a desk in front of it. Walk up to the desk and it should put you into the chalkboard window. 5)Use the toggle up and down to change the letters and numbers. Then go left and right to switch slots. 6)Insert your code and press the A button. The name of the item or character unlocked by the code should be displayed at the bottom of the screen. I hope this helped. Hot Pink 424