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Where do you go to configure your computers NIC to transfer data at 10 Mbps Where do you check the transfer data speed setting on a NIC?


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2010-12-18 19:53:54
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This would depend on the operating system, but in Windows XP, you go to Control Panel, Network Connections, double click on the NIC (Network Interface Card) in question. Click the Configure button, then click the Advanced tab.

Be careful when changing speeds of the NIC. Most switches are set to Auto. Sometimes when you change the NIC properties you will not be able to communicate. Sometimes powering off the device will fix that, sometimes not. Also, you need to match duplex settings as well. 10mbs should be set to half duplex, 100mbs should be set to full duplex. The switch should be set as well.

I have seen it that the switch was set to auto and changing the device would not work until the switch was set. Older printers were usual culprits.

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