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You cant enter cheats on Pokemon Diamond, the only is on a game shard or by mystery event maybe.

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Cheats for Pokemon diamond on Nintendo DS?

go to elitepokemontrainers.net they have good cheats there.

Where do you enter cheats in Pokemon diamond?

If u want to enter cheats u need to go and buy a action replay. And to get a action replay u need to buy it at the mall or other places they sell it at. cost: $23.00 at the mall

Pokemon Diamond how to go heatran?

You cannot get Heatran in Pokemon diamond or pearl unless you use cheats... ^_^ Edit: No, you can get it with or without cheats. I got heatran without cheats or action replay. Heatran is at Stark Mountain.

What are the AR cheats for Pokemon Diamond ds?

go to www.codejunkies.com and www.supercheats.com to find out AR Pokemon Diamond/Pearl codes for the DS

Cheats for Pokemon Diamond on nogba?

Yes, have cheats for Pokemon diamond on nogba. Download the copy of cheat code editor in this site WWW.R4DS.COM and go to open cheat database, and open a program called 'urscheat', then have millions of games for ds and go to a "+" in right of Pokemon diamond.

Where do you get Pokemon diamond cheats using no information about your self?

There is a sweet website called gamewinners.com that I go to for free video game cheats including pokemon.

What are events in Pokemon Diamond?

events are special places you go so you can get shaymin darkrai arceus etc. where do you GO to enter events in Pokemon diamond?

How do you get Mew on Pokemon Diamond?

Cheating with Action Replay. Go to a Pokemon event! - by imaier Cheats, trading, or migrating

How do you enter cheats on Pokemon?

go 2 this website http://www.cheatcc.com/ds/pokemonp.html

Every cheats for Pokemon Diamond?

go to a Nintendo event get game shark and key in 1233254698561365478778951001

How do you enter cheats on pokemon emerald?

go to the old lady in battle tower in battle fonter and she make you enter codes.

In Pokemon Diamond how do you get delibird?

you just go to enter the your rivals house with the same Pokemon that he has and talk to his mom.

Where can you get Pokemon diamond cheat codes for nds emulator?

Go to http://www.serebii.net/index2.shtmlv.Then find Diamond/Pearl.Then find the cheats.

What are ALL the real ar cheats for Pokemon Diamond?

If you have an action replay and you can read, you should know where to find them all! If you can't or don't, then I'll spell this really clear. GO TO WWW.CODEJUNKIES.COM TO GET ALL OF THE POKEMON DIAMOND ACTION REPLAY CHEATS.

How do you enter the cheats in the game enter the matrix?

On the game there is something called hacking go on it and enter the cheats

What is an action replay code to get a five star Pokemon Diamond trainer card?

realy go to gogle and type all Pokemon diamond action replay cheats there should be all the cheats all your questions will be answared and click the first link.

Any Pokemon in mining museum Action Replay code for Pokemon diamond?

If you go onto www.neoseeker.com find Diamond then click the button that says action replay and serch the cheats there are a few about it.

How do you get the Pokemon shiny code for Pokemon Diamond?

go to GameWinners.com. that's were i get all my shiny codes scroll down a little to get to the cheats. i hope you get what you nee.

Where do you enter cheats on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness?

if you mean wonder mail enter it at the main menu go to and select wonder mail

How do you get Deoxys in pokemon diamond using an action replay?

you can you genius well go on youtube and look up cheats for deoxys

How do you enter codes in diamond?

what u need 2 do is get ur action replay go to Pokemon diamond. then press add new code

Pokémon diamond catch trainers Pokémon?

go to www.hogtied.com for cheats go to www.hogtied.com for cheats

How can you catch really rare Pokemon without cheats on Pokemon diamond version?

beat the game and if you did beat the game go into the cave and you will find mew and mewtwo but you can only go into the cave when you have all pokemon What cave? Where is it???

Where is Mount Chimney on Pokemon Emerald?

go to fiery path. but don't enter!!!! go to the right and enter there. go up and you exit that escalator. you are now at mt. chimney. i hope my cheats helped you for this mission!

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