Where do you go to find suicoon in Pokemon heartgold?

  • You first run into Suicune in the Burned Tower in Ecruteak City. You have to have seen Suicune here in order for Morty to go to the Gym, so this one is really guaranteed.
  • The second time you can find Suicune is just north of Cianwood City. You'll find Suicune on the northern part of the city. As you approach it, it will flee, but then Eusine will battle you.
  • The third place to encounter Suicune is on Route 42, just outside of Mt. Mortar. There's three Apricorns hiding behind a tree you can cut down - as well as an elusive Suicune! Chop down the bush and then Suicune will run off.
  • The fourth place you'll run into Suicune is in Vermilion City, right on the dock leading you to the S.S. Aqua. Be sure to go there and you'll run into it as well as Eusine.
  • The fifth and final location you'll need to find Suicune at is down on Route 14 in the southeastern part of Kanto, a bit east of Fuchsia City. You'll find it on the eastern part of the route as you head north onto Route 13.

You'll need to have seen Suicune in all of those locations before it will appear on Route 25 for you to fight.

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