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In most places you would have to start at the County or city office where those homeowners pay their annual land tax.

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To place a lien on a home you must first obtain a judgment in court then you must record the judement in the land records where the property is located.

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Q: Where do you go to place a lien on a home?
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Lien against spouse not on title?

Can a collection agency place a lien on a home belonging to a spouse not on title?

Can citifinancial place a lien on your home for non payment of a personal loan when they have a your vehicle as collateral?

CitiFinancial will not place a lien on your home if they have your car as collateral. They will place a lein on your car and you risk them having your car repossessed.

Can a debtor place a lien on GI bill home?


Can you just pay your lien off before you go to court and the lien will be taken off your home in Texas?

Yes like concrete they deliver it and when u don't pay the put a lien on your place u pay and it goes away

Can you place a lien on a mobile home?

In BC, Canada you can. -Not sure about US.

How do you put a lien on your daughter's home?

You go to the courthouse and file the lien. You will have to provide specific documentation to justify it.

How does a lean on home work?

I assume you mean a lien on a home. If you own a home and you owe money, they have the ability to go to court, get a judgment and then place a lien on your home. If the home was used as collateral (for example your mortgage payment or home loan) then they would not need to get a judgment. It will not affect the homeowner until such time as they go to sell, in which case the money for the lien would come out of your proceeds before your receive them, or if you went to get a loan, they would want all leins satisfied out of the loan money and would do so before your received the remainder of the loan. The only kind of lien that can force sale is a defaulted mortgage (forclosure) or a tax lien.

Can a lien be placed on a home deeded with lifetime rights?

Yes, they can place a lien. The property still has value and the life estate doesn't effect that.

Can you lien a home in the Bahamas?

You can put 'a lien' on a home in The Bahamas.

Can I place a lien on home for nonpayment of personal loan?

no...but small claims court works

Can a creditor place a lien against your home in the state of Ohio?

Liens against a persons home in Ohio.Free tibet

What if a lien is on your house?

You can not sell your house or if you die your home will go to the people who have a lien on your home.The best thing to do is to pay off the lien which is usually someone or a bank you owe money.