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Where do you hook the code reader on a 92 ford f150?

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Somewhere in the engine compartment ( battery side ) you will find an EEC TEST connection for your OBD I / EEC - IV system

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take the truck to your local ford dealer. they can hook up their scan tool and read the code.

Where to hook code reader 2002 envoy

The obd2 plug is under the knee board (under the column).

Your OBD II code reader won't work on that vehicle.

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you can find it on the inside of the passenger side fender by the battery under a usually black cover labeled as such

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If you are sitting in the steering wheel the hook up will be located by your right knee under the dash.

you get a code reader and hook it up to the fuse boc and it will say erase codes and u mass the green button.

under the driver side of the dash, it is a square 6 pin connecter

you have to hook up a special reader to your computer to find out the code.

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You will need to take it to a Ford dealership. They will hook up a computer to it and that will give the code.

The bulbs on trailer look good.Lights on truck work.Might be ground not sure.Looks ok.

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Check fuse # 3 - 20 amp fuse for the data link connector ( DLC ) and cigar lighter

The 1999 Volkswagon Cabrio OBD 2 port is under dash at left side

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do u have spark and fuel???? do u hook up the jump per cables back words ??????

Means there is something wrong with your transmission. Need to hook up to a computer & get the code normally but can be external damage also. My 97 F150 did that when the transmission mount broke.

There should be a plug adapter spot right under the steering wheel and dash assembly, should just plug right in... i have a 96 and i work at O'Reillys auto parts, we have a code reader that reads all nissans from 88 to if is the right code reader it should just install as i said above hope that helps a little

could be EGR valve stuck open is your check engine light on? hook it up to a code reader and see if it's throwing a code..

Bring it to an Advance Auto Parts store and have the diagnose the problem. They hook up the car to their code reader at no charge and will tell you what the problem is.

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