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Metro PCS is the network - not the brand of phone ! We would need to know the make & model of the phone to help you further.

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Q: Where do you put a sd card in a metro pcs phone?
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Can I put my digicel sim in my metro phone?

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How do you put a signature on your text Android phone metro pcs?

How to put signatureon my metropcs android

Can you put metro pcs service on a att phone?

Yes you can. The Samsung Infuse is a particular ATT favorite.

How do you put a signature on your text android HUAWEI phone metro pcs?

you cant i've seriously tried everything

Can you put a t molile sidekick into metro?

No you can't connect a Side Kick in Metro PCS !

Is metro pcs coming out with a iPhone?

Im sorry to say but no iPhone is coming out with metro but i do have an answer to your problem you can go to Verizon wireless and buy an iphone4 only not iphone3 then you can put your iPhone with metro pcs because all Verizon phones have sims card and metro also haves that or another choice is you can also buy it with sprint mobile not positive about that but give it a try.

Can you put a different sim card in your metro phone?

Yes - provided the handset has been unlocked from its original carrier.

How do you unfreeze your metro phone?

Put it in the sun :)

How do I get a metro membership card?

do you mean How do I get a Jetro Membership Card!? DO YOU MEAN METRO!? Go to the station, there's those little machines that you put in money, for a couple bucks, you get a card for the metro, if you put in like 40 dollars then you get a couple hundred trips! METRO?

Can you put metro Pcs services on a virgin mobile switch back?

yes they have the same Cdma Network

How can you put music on a lg dare flashed to metro?

Put it on the SIM card.

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