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If you have been required to register - it would most likely be with the local law enforcement agency where you reside.

It depends on your residence. There is a specific jurisdiction agency to register with based on your home address. Either the city police or the county sheriff.

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Q: Where do you register as a narcotics offender?
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Can i Register as a narcotics offender at anahiem police department?


Who has to register as a drug offender?

No one has to register as a drug offender. It is up to someone who is concerned to do a CORI check.

Do you need to register as a convicted felon in nv?

Not unless you're a convicted sex offender and required to register by state law.

How long will an offender have to register on the sex offender's list after being charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct 2nd degree?

You don't get off of the sex offender's list. Once you are on you stay on you're entire life.

Where do you register as a drug offender in Sacramento CA?

At the courthousem, a small secluded room hidden in the back

Physicians who hold a narcotics license are required to register on June 30 of each year with what agency?


Search for California registered drug offender?

In California a convicted drug user must register as a drug offender for five years. These offenders can be found in public records for the state of California.

If you live in Ohio and are convicted of solicitation of a prosititute in wv do you still have to register as a sex offender in Ohio?

Yes, if you are a sexual offender of any type, and are on any type of probation you have to register no matter where you live. If you where sentenced to register for a certain amount of years you must abide by that, no matter where you live. Although if you choose not too, the court can restrict your probation or put you in jail for non compliance.

Can a disabled person with a juvienile aducated of a sex offence qualify for section 8 housing?

No, especially if he has to register as a sex offender

Can you receive jail time on 2nd degree assault on a minor?

Sure! And in many states, you could be ordered to register as a sex offender.

What is the punishment for attempted kidnapping of a minor in Mississippi?

Felony B. Can get up to 20 years in jail. Will have to register as a sex offender once released.

What is the medical name for narcotics?

Narcotics is the medical name for narcotics. That's what narcotics are called.

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