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Where do you report Internet fraud?

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If you suspect internet fraud of any kind, contact your local electronic/internet crimes unit in your city if you have one. You can also contact the FBI and report fraud to them also. You can report online scams & fraud on the BadDeal website.

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Where do you report coupon fraud from internet?

I actually don't think you can report coupon fraud on the internet. You might just want to go to the place where the coupon is redeemable. The cashiers should know.

Where should one go to report internet fraud?

In order to report an internet fraud you can do the following steps; go to ActionFraud website, when you are on a website already you can see the "Report a Fraud" button, you can also click "Report Attempted Scam or Viruses" and "Live Chat" button if you want to communicate with cyber crime authority.

Whose duty is it to report fraud?

Who's 'Duty' is it to Report Fraud? Internet investigators: including Police, Government, Civil rights, Ombudsmen, Justices of the Peace Personel.

Where do you report fraud?

Where do I report a suspicion of Notary Fraud in AZ

What is the impact of the internet on internet fraud?

Internet fraud could not happen without the internet - so you might way that the internet is what makes internet fraud possible.

How do you report welfare fraud?

To report Welfare fraud, simply phone the Dept. of Social Services in the area the fraud is occurring-they have fraud investigators.

How do you report investment fraud?

Report it to your issuer

What kind of Internet fraud can occur?

The FBI maintains a list of common internet fraud schemes. Types of fraud on their list include: internet auction based frauds, credit card fraud, investment fraud, and the "Nigerian Letter Scam".

Where do you report internet fraud personal loans?

The following website -- -- is the FBI's clearinghouse for Internet fraud complaints. Fill out a compaint there and it will be channeled to the appropriate agency for investigation. The Internet is federal jurisdiction. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Look for them online or call 1-877-438-4338.

Where to report telephone phishing calls?

You can report telemarketing or Internet fraud by using the National Consumer League's Fraud Center Online Fraud Report Form here: They will automatically send your complaint to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. While they probably won't take action based on one complaint, the more people who report things the better, and the more likely these scams will get shut down. You can get more information about fraud in general and what they do with the complaints on the website (

Is an online payday loan internet fraud?

no,its fraud by mis -representation

Who do you report suspected credit card fraud to?

You can report them over on the BadDeal website.

What is electronic fraud?

It's fraud that is done by the internet, through email or websites.

How do you eliminate internet fraud?

You can't.

How do you report fraud that you are aware of?

You are able to file fraud/scam complaints online at the BadDeal website.

Who do you report credit card fraud to if the fraud is perpetrated by an insider at the company?

how do you know that the fraud was conducted by someone within the company? If you actually have real proof of this then you would need to report it to management at that company and then I would file a report with either local law enforcement or the Secret Service.

How do you report car insurance fraud?

phone the police...

Who do you report financial aid fraud to?

the people in charge

How do you put case report on internet?

how to put case report on internet &how to put anything in internet

Which occurs more often mail fraud or internet fraud?

Hard to know and it probably varies from country to country, but the main types of crime on the internet are all financial (fraud, money-laundering etc).

How do you Report US Citizenship Fraud from another country?

report to the US consulate or embassy in that country.

How do you take off negatives that are not yours from your credit report?

Contact the 3 credit egencys and let them know there is fraud, all so put a fraud alert on your credit report.

What type of fraud is one of the fastest growing white-collar crimes?

Internet fraud

How common is credit report fraud?

It is estimated that credit fraud affects about 15 million people in the United States each year. The easiest way to detect this fraud is to check one's credit report regularly to find suspicious activity.

What is the number to report fraud to UPS?

1-800-PICK UPS Fraud # is: 1-877-869-7502