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Where do you see electabuzz in Pokemon diamond?

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You don't encounter Electabuzz in the wild. You'll have to get a Elekid first, which you can find at Route 204-South, Valley Windworks while inserted FireRed into DS. Then your Elekid will evolve in a Electabuzz at lvl 30.

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How does electabuzz evolve in Pokemon Diamond?

you must trade a Pokemon for an Electabuzz carrying an energizer.

What is the evolution of Electabuzz in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Electabuzz evolves into electivire.But you need to get electrizer and give it to electabuzz and trade it

What is a electrizer in Pokemon Diamond?

If you have an electrizer you can use it to evolve electabuzz by letting electabuzz hold it and then trade it.

How do you get electabuzz in pokemon black?

You'll have to either trade for Electabuzz or transfer it from Pearl, Diamond, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver.

Where is electivire in Pokemon Diamond Pokemon?

No where get an electabuzz and evolve it using some special item

How does electabuzz evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

No, only in Diamond, etc and higher.

What dos the electronizer do on Pokemon Diamond?

The electrizer on Pokemon Diamond is used by Electabuzz to evolve into Electivire. To get the electrizer in Pokemon Diamond you must have inserted Pokemon Firered in the game boy slot.

How do you evolve electabuzz in Pokemon diamond?

You trade him to someone while holding an electrizer.

What Pokemon evolve with smooth diamond in Tppc?

It evolves Electabuzz into Electivire from what I know.

How electabuzz evolves electivire?

First you will need 2 ds's two Pokemon diamond, pearl, platinum games an Electrobooster and of corse an Electabuzz first give the Electabuzz the Electrobooster and set up a trade with the Electabuzz for any other Pokemon after the trade your Electabuzz will evolve. hope you like your Electvire!

How do you eove Electabuzz in Pokemon diamond?

Electabuzz evolves by trading. Important is that the Electabuzz have to have a Electirizer as hold item. The Electirizer can't be obtain in Pokémon Diamond. So you'll have to get it by trading from an other Pokémon game. For example: you can get it in Pokémon Platinum at Valley Windworks.

How do you see electabuzz in Pokemon Diamond?

if you have Pokemon fire red, place it into the gba slot of your ds, now go to south valley windworks, unfortunately the rarity is only 8%

When does elekid evolve in pokemon diamond?

When Elekid is level 30, it'll evolve to Electabuzz.

How do you evolve electabuzz in Pokemon FireRed verzion?

Electabuzz's evolved form Electavire only exists in the fourth gen Pokemon versions such as diamond and heartgold, electabuzz has a preevolution elekid by the way.

In Pokemon diamond how to get a electrvizer?

First you get a elekid and get it to level 30 to get electabuzz. Then trade it with electrizer to get electivire.

What Pokemon uses electrizer on diamond?

It Causes Electabuzz to evolve into Electivre when traded while holding it.

Where do you see elektabuzz in Pokemon platinum?

Electabuzz Can Be Seen At Route 222

How do you get eletivire on Pokemon Diamond?

you need to trade an electabuzz with an electrizer. Come to my forum at and we can help you there if you want.

How do you getelectabuzz to evolve in Pokemon diamond or pearl?

trade electabuzz hlding the electrizer. sorry dont know how/where you get that

Where do you get electabuzz in pokemon LeafGreen?

You get magmar in leafgreen instead of electabuzz and you get electabuzz in firered

What evolves into electabuzz?

The Pokemon that evolves into Electabuzz is Elikid

How do you get a elictivire in diamond and pearl?

Evolve an Electabuzz. >You can elvolve Electabuzz by trading it with an Electirizer

How do you get a electivire in Pokemon diamond?

once you've got the national pokedex trade electabuzz whilst its holding electrizer

Where do you catch a electabuzz in Pokemon diamond?

route 202 when you have the national dex. IM JUST JOKING I DON'T KNOW

Where to see a elekid in Pokemon platinum?

Type your answer here... breed 2 electabuzz