Where do your Pokemon GO on soul silver?

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Where do you go after the 4 gym leader in Pokemon soul silver?

After beating the Ecruteak Gym Leader Morty, you go to Olivine City and go to the Lighthouse to find Jasmine the Olivine City Gym Leader there, talk to her and she'll tell you what she needs. Head to Cianwood City and challenge Chuck the Gym Leader there and make sure to get the Potion for Ampharos ( Full Answer )

Can you go to the Hoenn Region in Pokemon soul silver?

You cannot access the Hoenn Region in Pokemon SoulSilver. The only two regions you may access are the Johto and Kanto regions. All other regions cannot be accessed in SoulSilver. It's impossible to get to the Hoenn region in Soul Silver and Heart Gold. There is a pokewalker route called the Hoenn Fi ( Full Answer )

What do you do after going to mt silver in Pokemon soul silver?

in saffron city there is a pink house and go up stairs and talk to the little girl. she says that she lost her stuffed Pokemon. then go to vermilion city and there is a house with 3 circles on the door. go in and talk to a fat guy. he gives you a stuffed Pokemon and then go back to the little girl a ( Full Answer )

In Pokemon soul silver where you go to find the Pokemon league?

Well the Pokemon league is in the Indigo Plateau. Of course you need all 8 badges. You get to the end of Victory Road. But before that your rival challenges you to a battle. Beat him and you will pass Victory road. You will then be at the Pokemon league. p.s the types are (4 the elite 4) psychic, po ( Full Answer )

Which Island do you go into to catch Lugia in Pokemon Soul Silver?

After deafeating the 5 kinmo girls in the dance studio there little sister will come in telling them about a Pokemon that landed in the whirl islands you then go to wirl island when you get the bell the girls give u and the silver feather go to the bottom of the island. you should go to the closest ( Full Answer )

How do you go to One Island in Pokemon Soul Silver?

One Island is only accessible in Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, FireRed, and LeafGreen, although it is possible to access Kanto from Johto after defeating the Elite Four and Champion at Indigo Plateau.

Can you go under ground in Pokemon soul silver?

No, unless you count basement floors of caves. If you are referring to the Underground that runs underneath the entire region, then the answer is no. The Underground can only be found in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum Versions.

On Pokemon soul silver where do you go after gym 7?

You need to go to Blackthorn City, which is where the Blackthorn Gym resides and the final badge of the Johto region. Go back to Mahogany Town, past the place where the guy who was selling that RageCandyBar was, and go onto the path. Up ahead, there will be two routes, but both of them will take you ( Full Answer )

How can you go to blacktborn city in Pokemon in soul silver?

Once you have the 7 previous gym badges, go back to Goldenrod City. Go into the underground tunnel and talk to the team rocket member bu the camera, he will give you a team rocket uniform. Now go to the radio tower and defeat team rocket. Once you defeat team rocket the old man will let you pace fro ( Full Answer )

How do you go Kanto at Pokemon soul silver?

Get all Johto badges.Then go to beat the kamano girls .Then go back to your hometown talk to the professor he'll give you a masterball then go to whirl island talk to the kamano girls then capture Lugia.(I'm sorry I can't tell you which island because I don't remember but the best thing to do to kno ( Full Answer )

Where do you go after you defeat red in Pokemon soul silver?

You have now defeated half of the game. but if you go to M.r Pokemon's house (above cherry grove city in Joto) he will give you the red orb now when you enter the safari zone cave the gym leader Chuck will encounter you he will tell you what HM moves you need but from there on you go the normal way ( Full Answer )

How do you go to mt silver on Pokemon soul silver?

You must beat the game by getting all 8 badges then you have to beat the elite four and then the champion, Lance. After that go get all 8 Kanto badges and beat the elite four and the champion again. Then prof. Oak will see you are strong and allow you to go to mt. silver.

When is it going to be the Pokemon soul silver rare event trade?

Not to sure, but apparently there was going to be a Celebi event for Soulsilver and Heartgold (maybe only for Japan though). The only another events I could think of would be the mew one, which ended on the 31st of oct. Also, the spiky Pichu event. O and the Jirachi event! (ended awhile ago...). May ( Full Answer )

Where do you go after you get Groudon in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You have to get a Kyogre, but Kyogre is only available in Pokemon Heart Gold. So, you'll have to have a friend trade you a Kyogre. Then you show both of them to Professor Oak, and he will give you the Jade Orb so you can catch Rayquaza.

Who do you go to after you catch Groudon on Pokemon soul silver?

For the next task, you will need a friend, someone who has a Heartgold. trade over the Kyogre they caught from that game(it HAS to be from a Heargold game) and take both Kyogre and Groudon to Professor Oak. He will give you a Jade Orb. Return to the emmbedded tower and Rayquaza will be waiting.

Where can you go in Pokemon soul silver to nickname your Pokemon?

You go to Goldenrod city. Since it is kinda hard to tell where he is exactly, I'll just say he's at the northern part of town. If you can't find him just look in every building there. He is an old man, with two crystal balls on a table. If I'm not mistaken, I think there is a dude just like him in L ( Full Answer )

Where do you go after you beat Erika in Pokemon soul silver?

well after that you just wander about and re-battle gym leaders on their days in the saffron city dojo and they should be there before they are there call them i know because i have completed the game completed the national pokedex and got all badges