Where doae Zeus live?

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On Mount Olumpus.
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Where does Zeus live?

Zeus "lives" on top of Mount Olympus, the tallest mountain in Greece (2,917m or 9,570ft). Mount Olympus is "home" to all twelve Olympian gods, collectively known as the Olympians or Dodekatheon : Greek name (Roman name) Zeus (Jupiter) Hera (Juno) Poseidon (Neptune) Demeter (Ceres) ( Full Answer )

Who is Zeus?

The King of the gods Zeus is a god in the ancient Greece. Peoplethought that he made the olympics up. He lived in Mount Olympus.Zeus is a Greek god and is known for being one of the big threegods and is the god of the sky, heavens, and all gods!

Who was Zeus?

Zeus is the king of all gods apart from the big three which are Poseidon hades and himself , and the god of sky and thunder. He was the ruler of Mount Olympus and married many times. His main wife and queen Hera became angry with this and often went for vengeance, actually killing some of Zeus' othe ( Full Answer )

What time did Zeus live?

Zeus is almost certainly descended from the Proto-Indo-European 'sky father'. He was worshipped in the first millennium BC by Greeks but, being like all gods an imaginary being; he didn't 'live' at all.

Where is Zeus from?

Zeus is from the Earth also known as Gods he is born in the palace of Cronus and Rhea. During the time of the Golden age before the age of the Gods.

Where did the Greek god Zeus live?

Mt. Olympus , Mountain peak, northeastern Greece. At9,570 ft (2,917 m), it is the highest mountain in Greece. It ispart of the Olympus range, lying on the border between Macedoniaand near the Gulf of Salonika. The summit is snow-capped and oftenhas cloud cover. In ancient Greece, it was regarded as ( Full Answer )

What did Zeus live in?

Zeus, the supreme god of the Greek Gods, was said to live on top of Mt. Olympus with the other gods.

What did Zeus do for the people?

zues did a lot for the people like he helped them even though he didn't do well in his lifetime. Zues did a lot of things

Who are Zeus' brothers?

The brothers of Zeus were Poseidon and Hades. zeus is the youngest brother in control of the sky and the olympian gods, poseidon is the middle brother in charge of the sea domain and hades is the eldest in charge ofthe underworld and the riches of the world

What did Zeus do?

Zeus was the King of the gods in ancient Greek mythology. See the Related Link.

What country did Zeus live in?

Zeus is the name of a Greek God. Mount Olympus is probably the name or place you are looking for.

The will of Zeus?

Your question isn't clear. Zeus was omnipotent and could do whatever he wanted. There was no clear definition of his will.

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Who was after Zeus?

When you say "Who was after Zeus", if you ment in the ranking of power.. then it was Zeus, then Poseidon, then Hades. If you ment birth, then it was Hades, Poseidon, then Zeus. Hope i helped. :)

What year did Zeus the greek god live?

Like the vast majority of all gods of whatever kind venerated inmost of the world's religions, the ancient Greek god, Zeus, doesnot have a specific birth- or death-year. Various myths and otherstories speak of Zeus' origins as "in olden times" or "in aprevious age", which will be distinguished from ( Full Answer )

How did Zeus live?

when Zeus was born his mother rhea hid him from the titan lord kronos and when he was grown more he made kronos throw up his sibling and they went to war ( gods vs. the titans ) and the gods won

Who and what was Zeus?

Zeus was the king of gods in Greek mythology. God of lightning and ruler of the sky

Did Zeus live at the top of the mountains?

Yes, zeus live in the mountains in mount olympus in greece in greek mythology he lived with all his greek gods and his sons and daughters

How did Zeus?

That isn't really a question :), but if you mean how he was born then he was the son of Cronos and Rhea, with his brothers and sisters, Hades, Posiden, Hestia, Demeter, and Hera.

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What time period did Zeus live?

Zeus lived in a time period before Jesus Christ was born. It issaid that he was born in 700 B.C.

Who does Zeus answer to?

The Fates, because all gods and goddesses cannot control destiny they could stall it but not prevent what is destined to be. It's said that the only reason why Zeus isn't completely omnipotent is because of the Fates

When did Zeus the greek god live?

Zeus was mythical character, but to the Greeks that believed he was real, his home place was on Mt. Olympus.

Does Zeus live on mount Olympus?

Zeus was one of the Olympian gods, and all the Olympian gods livedon Mt. Olympus. There were twelve Olympians. They were: Zeus, Hera,Poseidon, Demeter, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite,Hephaestus, Hermes, and Dionysus. Hades was not considered one of the twelve Olympians, even thoughhe is on ( Full Answer )

Who were Zeus' lovers?

Now that really depends on who you count as a "lover." Do you want to include events like Zeus taking the form of a swan and raping a princess named Leda? Not joking, now try to imagine it.

Why was Zeus made?

He was not made he was born and he was "made" for the weather god. k

Where does Zeus live on earth?

According to Greek Mythology, he lives on Mount Olympus with the rest of the Greek Gods.

What is sacred to Zeus?

Zeus would have been believed to of considered temples in his honor to be sacred. His followers would also have thought he'd consider songs about him, prayers to him and sacrifices to him as being sacred.

What is Zeus' importace?

Zeus was the main god of greek mythology, without him the terrible Titans in greek mythology would still be ruling with an iron fist.

Is Zeus smart?

Zeus is not regarded as being smart. In fact he did some pretty stupid and nasty things, such as throwing Hephaestus, his own son, off of Mount Olympus just for being repulsive!

What is the birthday of Zeus?

He didnt have birthdays or birthdate they were made by something but the ancient Greek times will almost tell u this answer for Ur question

Is Zeus yahweh?

Many sources state the following: According to Greek mythology, Zeus is a god who is regarded to be a king of all gods and a ruler of mount Olympus, which is the highest mountain in Greece. Zeus controls the sky and the power of thunder, lightning and is often associated with symbols of the thun ( Full Answer )

How do you get to Zeus?

Beyond the last star. Beyond the last galaxy. Where no mortal can see or be. *Another way to "find" Zeus of course is to read all the old greek myths. For many people they hold incredible meaning even today and the gods are truly multi-dimensional characters. (For the Poptropica character, see ( Full Answer )

Why did Zeus live on Mount Olympus?

He lived on Mount Olympus because Kronos lived on the biggestmountain in Greece Mount Othrys. But when they destroyed it Zeusdecided to make another Kingdom on the next much smaller mountain.Mount Olympus!!!

What did Zeus have to do?

He was the king of the gods. He had to make sure no overthrows him, the monsters don't eat the humans, the titans don't appear again, he has to make sure the sky doesn't fall down because Atlas was to lazy to hold it up, he also has to keep on making plans on luring his bossy sister/wife away from M ( Full Answer )

What does Zeus do?

Zues is the leader of gods. He is the god of gods in greek mythology. He has all of the powers. He is god of lightning,thunder,water, and any other material on earth.

Where do Zeus and Hades live?

Zeus lives on Mt. Olympus with all the rest of the Olympians, but since Hades is in charge of the Underworld that's where he lives. Hope I helped you :)

Why did Zeus?

Zeus Zeus was born in 700 BC. He became the Greek God of heaven and earth by picking straws with his siblings. He got the shorter one. When he was born, his father tried to eat him but his mother switched him with a rock and he survived. Zeus was raised by his grandparents and when he was 20 h ( Full Answer )

Where did of Zeus?

Zeus was born from Cronos. He was hidden by Rhea to train him to overthrow his father. FYI: Cronos swallowed all of his babies to ensure they didn't overthrow him

Where can Zeus from?

Since his father,Cronus,ate all of his children Rhea Zeus's mother fed Cronus a rock,and Rhea hid Zeus away on a island.