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Eminem currently lives in Rochester in Michigan. He lives there with his half brother and three daughters, Hayley Jade, his real daughter, Alania, his neice and Mare, kim's daughter from amother man

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Were does Eminem live now?

eminem i am a big fan of your music

Where eminem live now?


Where does Eminem live now in 2010?

Eminem currently lives in Macomb Michigan.

What city does Eminem live in now?

Rochester, Michigan

Where does eminem live at now?

The United States of America :p

Where does Eminem live right now in 2014?

Rochester, Michigan

Is Eminem in the ilumanati?

Eminem was on Illuminati , but he left , cause he couldn't stand it ! Now he's not . Now Eminem hates Illuminati and me too ! ! !

How heavy is Eminem now?

Eminem was in the hospital for a period of time but, now he is back to normal weight

Is eminem married married now 2010?

Eminem is not currently married

Is Eminem in a relashinship?

Well actually Eminem as of right now is NOT in a relationship

Is Eminem fat now?

According to rumors that's a yes, there is no confirmation on his weight right now. No. He has performed at live shows recently and he is normal weight.

Does Eminem live in LosAngeless?


Has Eminem got a girlfriend?

well he's mainly been trying to work things out with Kim, but right now,no eminem is single.eminem is dating a model now, i heard.

Where does Eminem live at?

Eminem currently lives in Clinton township. in a gated community.

Is eminem coming to canada2011?

Eminem will perform live in Montreal at the Osheaga festival.

When Will Eminem Die?

Right now!

Is eminem in the alluminati?

He was. But now he is in the RECOVERY :)

Is Eminem locked up now?


Where does Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka Eminem live now?

he lives in California. I know cause I went to Selena Gomez's concert. She said she knows eminem. he lives there. She wrote it from fan mail.

What city does Eminem live in?


Where exactly does eminem live?


Where do eminem live?

Detroit, Michigan.

Does Eminem live with kim?

no not anymore

Where did Eminem used to live?


Where does Eminem live 2011?