Where does Medicare originate?

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Medicare is the largest health insurance program in the United States. The program was created as part of the Social Security Act Amendment in 1965 and was put into effect in 1966.

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Q: Where does Medicare originate?
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Is Medicare an HMO?

No, Medicare is a Fee For Service Program, but doctors must contract with Medicare to treat Medicare patients

Can a Medicare patient elect not to use Medicare?

if you are enrolled in it no, you can decline to enroll on medicare

Do you have to have Medicare Part B if you have a medicare supplemental plan?

Yes; by definition, Medicare supplemental insurance "supplements" Medicare A & B.

Where do you report Medicare fraud?

If you suspect Medicare fraud contact Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE or visit their website at

How do you obtain a Medicare number?

The patient obtains a Medicare number by being Medicare eligible. The provider obtains the Medicare number from the patient.

The Medicare is administered by which agency?

Medicare is administered by the US Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services.

I am on sosial security medicare,where do i find glasses that take medicare ?

Are glasses covered by medicare?

When was Medicare established?

Medicare was established in 1965

Where do you file the MEDICARE claim?

Your medicare Physician

Who qualifies for medicare?

how old do you have to be for medicare coverage?

How can you not pay Medicare?

If by "pay Medicare" you mean the Medicare payroll tax, the only way to avoid this is to work at a job that is not covered by Medicare. There aren't very many of these. If you're referring to Medicare premiums, the law does not require anyone to enroll in Medicare.

What does Chevy Trailblazer Medicare offer their clients?

TrailBlazer Medicare is the same to many different Medicare. TrailBlazer Medicare is offering some healthcare with good policies for their customers using the TrailBlazer Medicare.

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