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Where does Sam Elliott live?

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In a recent interview for the movie, November Christmas, Sam said that he lives in Oregon.

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Where does actor sam elliott live?

Sam Elliott lives on a ranch in Malibu.

Does sam elliott live in oregon?


Has Sam Elliott died?

No, Sam Elliott has not died.

Are Sam Elliott and Bill Elliott related?

No. Actor Sam Elliott and Nascar driver Bill Elliott are not related.

Does Sam Elliott smoke?

Which Sam we talking about because 1 SAm Elliott smokes.

When was Sam Elliott born?

Sam Elliott was born on August 9, 1944.

Is Sam Elliott related to Wild Bill Elliott?


How old is Sam Elliott?

Sam Elliott is 73 years old (birthdate: August 9, 1944).

What has the author Sam Davis Elliott written?

Sam Davis Elliott has written: 'Isham G. Harris of Tennessee'

Did sam elliott die?

NO. Sam Elliot will never die, he'll just ride off into the sunset and live on in the hearts and dreams of women everywhere.

Is sam elliott a christian?

Sam Elliott, while he is Joe cool and can play an awesome cowboy character, He is by far not a Christan.

Is sam elliott Jewish?

Yes, he is...

Does sam elliott have any siblings?


What is the title of the m0vie starring whoopie goldberg and sam elliott?

Whoopi Goldberg and Sam Elliott starred together in Fatal Beauty.

What high school did sam elliott go to in Sacramento ca.?

Sam Elliott went to David Douglas High School in Portland Oregon

Did Sam Elliott and Katherine Ross appear in a movie yellow rose of Texas?

Where can i buy the movie with Sam Elliott Yellow Rose of Texas?

Was Sam Elliott married to Whoopi Goldberg?


Who acted with Cher in the mask?

sam elliott

Is the actor sam elliott alive?


Who is Sam Elliott married to?

katharine ross

Is Sam Elliott Democrat or republican?


How tall is sam elliott?

Sam Elliott was born Samuel Pack Elliott in Sacramento, California. He stands 6 feet 2 inches tall. He is married to Katharine Ross, and they have one child together.

What is Sam Elliott's birthday?

Sam Elliott was born on August 9, 1944.

Is Sam Elliott his birth name?

Sam Elliott's full birth name was Sam Pack Elliot.

How many children does Sam Elliott have?

1 daughter