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I Know exactly where he lives. He lives in Jonesboro, Ga about 20 miles south of downtown atlanta. His nieghborhood is called Lost Valley a small subdivision that sits on the northern shore of a privately owned lake called lake Spivey. His house is easily distinguished from the others because its gated and its made of PInk colored stucco with a spanish tile roof. His nighborhood can be accessed from Walt stephens rd. near atlanta beach.

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Where do ti kids live?

TI. kids live with Tiny TI wive.

Where is ti at now?

ti is in las animas

Where does TI live?

TI and Tiny and the rest of his family live in a suburban neighborhood in Jonesboro GA.

Where does ti you live?

what is ti,s phone number

Where do ti live?


How old is TI now?


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Atlanta buckhead

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où habite-t'il means "where does he live" in French.

Were does ti live at?

he lives in atlanta Georgia

Does TI live in Atlanta Georgia?

- yes he do

Where in the us does ti live?


Where does ti and tiny LIVE?

Alanta Georgia

Is ti in jail right now?

no he goes in march 19 2009 i love my boo ti and im going to hold him down ti and tiny for life

Why did TI go back to jail?

coz he had a gun and he got thrown in jail but now his out... WELLCOME BACK TI

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ti was arrested 32 times hes in jail now so 33

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Live You Life!

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He is in Jail right now for weapons. He gets out in a year and one day.

How Many Years Did TI Went To Prison?

ti has not went to prision yet now he is sentinced to 30 years in jail

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I'm not sure, but i like pickles

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The rapper's (Clifford Harris, Jr.) nickname was Tip. Later the "p" was dropped, so now it's TI.

What is the tune to London Bridge is Falling Down?

Ti ti ti ti ti ti ta. Ti ti ta. Ti ti ta. Ti ti ti ti ti ti ta. Ti ti ta ta.

When is TI birthday and how old is he?

feb,25 1980 he is now 28

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