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Q: Where does a Clydesdale horse eat?
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What kind of horse is a Clydesdale?

a clydesdale is a draft horse

Which horse is bigger-a clydesdale or a shetland?

its a Clydesdale

How much do clydesdale horses eat?

They eat as much as a normal horse would. They are no different than any other horse. They are just a type of horse.

What do Clydesdale horses eat?

Clydesdale horses eat the same thing as any other horse would eat. They will eat hay, oats, barley,corn, carrots, apples, and sugar cubes.

What type of animal is a clydesdale?

A clydesdale is a heavy draught horse.

What is the biggest horse in America a heavy weight or a clydesdale?

A Clydesdale

What county does clydesdale come from?

A clydesdale horse comes from scotland

Is a Belgian horse larger than a Clydesdale horse?

Yes a Belgian is bigger than a Clydesdale. from poppy

Which horse is bigger- Clydesdale or a Shetland?

The Clydesdale(the Shetland is a small pony)

What is the difference between a draft horse and a clydesdale?

Clydesdale is a breed of horse. Draft horse is a type/category of horse. Clydesdales fit in the draft horse category of horses.

What is a clydesdale horse known for?

The Clydesdale is a work horse known for their height and their strength. Some people will ride them as a saddle horse even though they are a work horse.

What is the second biggest horse?

The Clydesdale.

What is The national horse of Scotland?


How do you spell Cldesdalehorse?

Clydesdale horse.

What is the name of the strongest horse?


What kind of animal is clydesdale?

A horse

What is the prey of the Clydesdale horse?


How does a clydesdale horse travel?

with its legs!?!?!?

Is a clydesdale horse a warm blooded horse?

No, a clydestale is a draft horse.

What does a Clydesdale Horse eat?

A Clydesdale is the same as AA normal horse. It's just stronger and has hair covering it's hooves. They eat grass,grains like horse food sold at farm stores. Thay need to be able to run around and have alot of exercise!Üthats all!Ü

Where does a Clydesdale horse originate?

Answerthe Clydesdale originated in ScotlandHorseIsle answer: Scotlandmyponyket, brown server

Is there a difference between a Palomino Belgian horse and a Clydesdale horse?

Yes! A Belgian horse is a completely different draft horse breed than a Clydesdale. Palomino simply refers to the color of the horse.

Which horse is larger Belgian or Clydesdale?

The Belgian.

What is the most famous horse in the world?

the Clydesdale

What is the oldest horse breed in England?