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Why is a chicks egg permeable instead impermeable?

so that the chick can get oxygen while its developing

How does developing chick nourish itself while inside the eggshell?

It is 'fed' by the yolks sac that's inside the egg with the developing chick. The nutrients of the yolk are absorbed by the chick as it grows.

What is the egg yolk and egg white for?

The yolk is basically the food supply for a developing chick, and the white is the protective membrane and cushion to protect the chick. As the chick grows in the egg, the yolk gets used up, and the white thins out to make room for the chick. Note that all of that only happens if the egg is fertile.

Where does a developing chick in an egg get its food from?

the albumen

How does a developing chick nourish it self while inside the egg cell?

A developing chick will nourish itself inside the egg cell by eating the yolk of the egg. It takes about 21 days for a chick to hatch from an egg.

How does developing chick nowrish itself while inside the eggshell?

A developing chick nourishes itself inside the eggshell through the egg yolk. This is the chicks source of food.

What would happen to a chick embryo if its cells did not specialize?

If the cells did not specialize than there would be no chick developing.

How does a developing chick nourish itself while inside the egg shell?

The developing chick feeds on the yolk sac, much like the baby of live bearing animals attaches to the placenta. The chick has enough nutrients when born to got 24 hours without beginning on chick starter.

What is a possible crossword puzzle answer for supply with oxygen?

Supply with oxygen= aerate

What do you call the part of an egg that provides air for the developing chick?


What is Cardiac Oxygen Supply?

It is the supply of oxygen to the heart; the oxygen is carried by the blood. When there's insufficient blood supply, oxygen supply is low too, and angina results. See

Where does a developing baby get their food and oxygen from?

A developing baby gets its oxygen from the blood traveling through the umbilical cord.

What does a fertilized egg become?

When a bird's egg is fertilized, a chick is developing inside.

What is the function of the egg yolk?

It provides food for the developing chick inside the egg.

How can tell if there is a developing chick in the egg?

you will see a dark spot at the bottom and veins

What is a word meaning supply oxygen to?

The word used to define "to supply oxygen to" is oxidate.

What part of the egg is the chick?

The chick grows from both the yellow yolk and albumen (white). The yolk of the egg is the growing medium that feeds the developing chick. The white/clear albumen is also used to hydrate and feed the growing chick.

Hoe does the light reaction of photosynthesis affect earth's supply of oxygen?

It releases oxygen and increases earths oxygen supply

In an emergency what can be used to supply oxygen on the ISS?

Oxygen candles can be used to supply oxygen in an emergency on the International Space Station.

How do you get oxygen in space?

You have to bring an oxygen supply with you.

What supplies food and oxygen for the developing embryo?

The developing embryo is supplied with food and oxygen by the placenta. As the embryo develops into a fetus it then recieves food and oxygen from the umbilical cord.

Does CPR continue to supply oxygen to the brain?

Yes, CPR continues to supply oxygen to the brain.

How is the supply of oxygen and carbon dioxide maintained in an ecosystem?

the supply of oxygen is gen gen gen

How do you supply your muscles with oxygen?

You supply your muscles with oxygen by breathing and letting your heart pump blood to them.

Which type of engines carries its own supply of oxygen?

A rocket has it's own supply of oxygen.

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