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Where does agar come from?


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Originally called agar-agar, a Malay word for a local seaweed, these seaweeds are found all over the world in areas favorable to their growth. Agar is contained only in few defined areas such as: Gelidium and Gracilaria. Large known natural layers of Gelidium are situated on the Atlantic coasts from south Morocco to south France, whereas those of Gracilaria are localized on the coast of Chili, South Korea, Japan and Argentina.


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An agar-agar is another name for an agar, a commercial gel obtained from marine algae.

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Agar, or agar-agar, is not a grain, but rather an extract of seaweed. Agar translates to German as Agar-Agar Try whole- or health-food stores

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Yes! Paenibacillus spp. can degrade agar agar

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agar is the solidifying agent

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