Where does an Arctic fox eat?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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The Arctic fox will eat any where that there is food.

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Q: Where does an Arctic fox eat?
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What does the Arctic fox eat and what eats the Arctic fox?

bears eat the Arctic fox and arctic fox eats mouse

Do polar bears eat the arctic fox and do the arctic fox eat the arctic hare?

Polar bears don't eat Arctic foxes, but Arctic foxes do eat Arctic hares.

What are the Arctic fox's sharp teeth for?

the arctic fox eat hard thing that what dude

Can the Arctic fox eat fish?

Yes, Arctic Foxes eat fish.

Could a kittiwake eat an Arctic fox?

No, but an Arctic fox could make a meal of a kittiwake. In parts of the range of the Arctic fox, seabirds make up a large part of their diet.

Do vultures eat Arctic foxes?

There are no vultures in the range of the Arctic fox.

Will an Arctic fox eat you?

No, arctic foxes are not interested and are way too small to eat a human.

What does the Arctic fox feed on?

the arctic fox will eat lemmings, birds, and when food is scarce it will follow polar bear tracks and eat the leftover carcase.

Do Arctic foxes eat Arctic wolves?

No, wolves do not eat arctic foxes.Sometimes, though they usually go for easier to catch game like hares or caribou.The Arctic Fox avoids them unless they are sneaking around. They are very fast too. So the Arctic Wolf and Arctic Fox rarely eat each other.

What does an Arctic fox eat in the winter?


What do sea foxes in the Arctic eat?

There is no such thing as sea foxes. but there is an arctic fox.

What animal in the tundra eat hare?

Arctic fox