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Animal cruelty occurs least in the absence of people .

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Q: Where does animal cruelty happen the least?
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Where is animal cruelty taking place?

Animal cruelty may happen anywhere at anytime.

Why does animal cruelty happen?

because of our cruelty too...

How many animal cruelty cases happen in a day?

Across the world, at least tens of thousands. Most are not recorded.

Were does animal cruelty happen most?

in china!

What needs to happen to solve animal cruelty?

Eat meat

What can happen to people who are mistreating their horses?

they can be charged with animal cruelty.

Where animal cruelty happen the most?

China Pakistan Japan Canada

Where in the world does animal cruelty happen?

It happens worldwide, 24/7.

How often does animal cruelty happen?

It happens everyday. Every 10 seconds an animal is abused.

Is animal cruelty is good or not and why?

no that is why its called animal cruelty

Where besides the us does animal cruelty happen?

Wherever humans and animals co-exist.

When does animal cruelty happen?

up my butt or in the party that happens in my pants every night

How long did animal cruelty last?

Animal cruelty is still a problem.

Which countries do not allow animal cruelty?

Most of the countries do allow animal cruelty

Are there animal cruelty laws for rats?

No. Animal Cruelty Laws aren't for rats.

What country has most animal cruelty?

Pakistan is number one in animal cruelty.

What is the difference between animal welfare and animal cruelty?

animal welfare is how the animal is being treated animal cruelty is abuse or testing

What is the colour of the animal cruelty prevention ribbon?

the animal cruelty prevention ribbon is purple

Is animal cruelty illegal?

yes, animal cruelty is indeed illegal

Can you keep a peacock in your room or is that animal cruelty?

I would say that was, at the very least, a very bad idea.

Would animals being tested be animal cruelty?

YES testing animals is animal cruelty

What is a job against animal cruelty?

a job against animal cruelty is saving the animal and killing the person that hurt they animals.

How many rabbits a year die due to animal cruelty?

so many have died because of some animal cruelty so many have died because of some animal cruelty

How much does an animal cruelty investigator make a year?

The average salary for an animal cruelty investigator is $31,000. Higher salaries can be provided for individuals who look into animal cruelty crimes as a cop.

Does animal crualty happen everywhere?

well first you spell cruelty with an "E" and second yes it happens everywhere