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Lactic acid is a form of milk acid. It is formed during the break down of glucose in all living organisms.

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How is lactic acid removed from the body?

lactic acid is removed by people

How is lactic acid buildup normally dealt with by the body?

# How is lactic acid buildup dealt with by the body?

Why does the human body produce lactic acid?

Lactic acid is a waste product which results from anaerobic glycolysis

What causes high levels of lactic acid in body?

Lactic acid is a byproduct of muscular over exertion.

What is the acid found in dairy products?

Milk based products have lactic acid in them.This is the lactic acid.lactic acid

Where in our human body is lactic acid produced?

As Lactic acid is formed from glucose, it is produced in the stomach of the digestive system

Why do you get rid of lactic acid in your body?


What can lactic acid do to the body?

causes cramping

How can glucose affect the pH of the body fluids?

During anaerobic respiration, you get lactic acid in your body. Lactic acid being acid it decreases the pH of your body. After biological oxidation of glucose you get carbon bi oxide. This after dissolution gives you acid in your body.

Why is it necessary that the body remove lactic acid?

It is necessary to remove lactic acid from the body because it reduces pain, tiredness in the muscles and joints and reduces stiffness in the muscles and joints. Lactic acid is best removed in a warm-down/ cool-down.

What does your body release when your muscles are used?

lactic acid

Why does the body need to remove lactic acid?

or you will die....

How does lactic acid affect your body?

it makes you sore

What process leaves lactic acid in your body?


What does the human body joints contain?

lactic acid

Where do lactic acid fermentation occur in the body?

In the heart.

What causes lactic acid in body?

Lactic acid is produced in the body when glucose is broken down during aerobatic activities. It is the main cause of soreness in muscle after working out.

Why do our muscles tire during exercise?

A+students - lactic acid lactic acid buildup. the harder you workout the more lactic acid is built up. the body can't keep up with this production and will "tire" out

Is lactic a base or an acid?

acid as in lactic acid?

What acid builds up in your body when you exercise too much?

lactic acid.

What are the two main types of lactic acid?

Lactic acid has two optical isomers: L-lactic acid and D-lactic acid.

Is lactic acid an amino acid?

No, lactic acid is not an amino acid.

Is lactic acid a product of fermentation?

Yes; lactic acid is a product of Lactic acid fermentation. :)

What does lactic acid fermentation convret into lactic acid?

Lactic acid fermentation converts the two pyruvate molecules formed from glycolysis into lactic acid.

Where can you get lactic acid?

lactic acid is the acid from sour milk

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