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Where does corn come from?


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Corn grows into stalks for about 95-103 days at which time it has produced ears of new kernels (about 800 per ear), which is then harvested to either be ground into food, fed to cattle or used in renewable fuels such as ethanol. Corn is grown all over the world, particularly in the United States, Brazil, and China.

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corn seeds come from the kernels from the cob.

Where did vitamin a enriched corn come from

Pop corn , corn mill ,corn bread, corn, corn starch,

No, popcorn doesn't come from animals. It comes from corn, and corn is a plant.

Corn oil comes from the corn kernels themselves.

Corn beef comes from cows.

Cornflakes come from corn, corn is grown in Kansas.

No, gm corn is not different than regular corn, not really anyway. Genetically modified corn is corn that does not come from an average corn seed.

Corn syrup comes from converting the starch in a kernel of corn into simple sugars, primarily glucose.

Corn is generally classified as either a field corn variety, or a sweet corn variety. Hope this helps.

Where I come from, people refer to the cut stalks left in the field after harvesting the corn as the "corn stobs."

the kernels of the corn are flattened and baked in a oven

It comes form the corn husk in a cron palnt

Indirectly, yes. But directly, no. To make it simple, all forms of corn cereal come from corn, and corn comes from the ground. So in that way, corn cereal indirectly comes from the ground. But it does not literally grow from the ground. So in the technical sense, we cannot say corn cereal comes from the ground.

it depends what kind but the yellow kind is usually made from ground corn

Because,corn is juicy and really yummy and it just explodes with flavors.!

It comes from a plant because popcorn is corn and corn is a plant

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the layer outside of the corn known as the "corn wall" is none digestable to the body so it stays the same

Sweetcorn, cornflakes, cornmeal (polenta/maize meal), corn flour (cornstarch), corn syrup.

Baby corn and corn cannot reproduce on it's own. These plants are hybrids and have been modified in labs. Corn can not grow and reproduce on its own. It is man made.

The Native Americans Indians grew corn before the USA was settled by the pilgrims.

The corn that we eat is the seed part of the corn plant. Each little kernel is a fertilized seed, and if left to mature and dry can be planted and will grow a corn plant.

The word corn, meaning a grain such as wheat or barley or a grainlike object such as corn salt or corn snow, is from England. The plant corn, known throughout the rest of the world as maize, is originally South American.

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