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Rubber tapping takes place in rubber plantations, which are in tropical regions such as Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. The rubber trees are grown in these plantations for their latex, which is extracted through the process of tapping.

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Q: Where does rubber tapping take place?
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What are cons of rubber tapping?

Rubber tapping causes slight harm to the tree they're tapping from, by leaving scars on the bark of the tree from where the rubber was tapped from.

When did rubber tapping start?

jun 14,2004 rubber tapping is hard work,it can start as early as 2 am.

What is process of extraction of rubber called?

From the plant - "tapping" rubber sap.

What does rubber tapping involve?

It involves cutting into a rubber tree to get latex out.

What is the process of extracting rubber from the tree?

rubber tapping: they scrape the rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) tree for the sap which is rubber.

What are cons about rubber tapping?

your removing thin layers of bark.

What are the disadvantages of rubber tapping?

your removing thin layers of bark.

Do rubber tappers damage trees?

Rubber tappers may damage trees if they do not follow sustainable tapping practices. Over-tapping, using improper tools, or tapping too frequently can cause harm to the trees. However, when done responsibly, with proper methods and care, rubber tapping can be a sustainable practice that does not significantly damage the trees.

Are rubber and turpentine made from liquids in roots?

Rubber is a latex obtained by tapping the bark of the rubber tree .Turpentine is a distillation obtained from certain species of pine

Does Rubber Tapping affect trees?

No, it does not affect trees in any way. Rubber tappers are sure to leave the tree unharmed in any way. :)

What are Three ways rain forests are used?

Logging (cuting down trees) tapping (taking rubber from rubber trees) shelter (home)

What is rubber originated from?

Rubber was originated from Brazil Hey take a rubber seed and rub it on a rough surface and place on skin then it might zap a person.