Where does the Pope live?

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2014-05-07 14:31:35

The Popes, including the present Pope (in 2014), Pope Francis,

have lived in the Vatican for most of the last 1,700 years, and in

the city of Rome for nearly the entire 2,000 year existence of the

Church. Vatican City, or the Vatican, is an independent city state

within the Italian capital city of Rome. It is an independent

"nation" with its own civil service [the Curia], police force and

even its own "army" - the Swiss Guard. During the summer, for the

past several centuries they have gone to Castle Gondolfo to escape

the oppressive summer heat in Rome.

The pope resides in the Papal Apartments of the Apostolic Palace

of the Vatican. It is, in actuality, quite a modest dwelling.

However, our new pope, Francis, has decided to forego the Papal

Apartments and is living in a small apartment in Casa Santa Marta,

a sort of guest hostel in the Vatican.

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