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The Cenotaph at Whitehall, London

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Q: Where does the Queen do the two minutes silence?
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Why do we have the two minutes of silence on remembrance Day?

To pay respect

How do you call for a minutes silence at a meeting?

Say "can we all have a minutes silence" for .........

How many minutes of silence do you have on remembrance day?

Remembrance is celebrated in the (British) Commonwealth. Observance usually includes a silence at 11am on November 11th, which is when the armistice was signed in 1918. Depending on the country, the silence can be either one or two minutes.

Why do we have two minutes silence on remebrance day?

At 11am on each Remembrance day a two minute silence is observed at war memorials and other public spaces across the country. The silence is meant as a tribute to those who lost their lives fighting for their country

How long does the silence last for on remembrance day?

The silence lasts for 2 minutes.

What piece of music marks the start of the two minutes of silence?

In the UK the Last Post is played. The beginning and ending of the two minute silence is also marked by the firing of a gun at the Horse Guards Parade.

What time do we observe a moment of silence in honor of veterans?

We observe a moment of silence at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, i.e., 11:00am - the length of the period of silence is generally two minutes. Tigraine

What actors and actresses appeared in Two Minutes Silence - 1933?

The cast of Two Minutes Silence - 1933 includes: Frank Bradley Campbell Copelin Leo Franklyn Ethel Gabriel Victor Gouriet Arthur Greenaway Frank Leighton Marie Lorraine Leonard Stephens

How long is the silence on Remembrance Day?

The silence on remembrance day is 2 minutes long.

When was the first Remembrance Day?

11th November, 1919, was the first date to have been recorded to have the Two Minutes Silence.

When was the 2 minutes silence held?

on the 11th of noivember

Why is there one minutes silence on ANZAC day?


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