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She lies on the bed of the Atlantic Ocean about 1,000 miles East of Boston , Massachussetts and 375 miles South East of St.John's, Newfoundland, in a 2.5 mile depth of water. Her wreck is broken into two parts, with the stern section approximately 1,650 feet apart from the bow- the whole area is littered with a huge debris field and vast quantities of coal.

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Q: Where does the Titanic rest?
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Will they ever get the Titanic out of the ocean?

lets hope not and what i believe is they should let the Titanic and all the stuff in it rest in peace

How many people where lost at sea on the Titanic?

2, the rest died

Who was the bandmaster from the Titanic?

That would be Wallace Hartley. He and the rest of the band perished in the sinking.

How did the passengers aboard the Titanic die?

The titanic it's self sank and the people on the boat went along with the boat some of them died and the rest survived

Were there any survivors when the Titanic sunk?

Yes there was they swam to shore for safety but the rest drowned :(

What features of the titanic made it unsinkable?

the features installed by the pakistani engineers. Rest is history.

What happened because of Titanic?

1500 people died, and the survivors were haunted for the rest of their lives

How did the discovery of the Titanic wreck affect the people who discovered it and the rest of the world?

They didn't have to look for it anymore.

How many boats were on the Titanic?

There was 16 boats on titanic! It was actually against the law to not have that many boats on board the titanic, so it was women and children who went on first! And the rest left behind......... So as you see this is the information for your question! Good luck! ~From Coolcats1234!

What is the effect when the author of Exploring the Titanic describes the night the Titanic sank?

The reader understands the author's reasons for wanting to find the Titanic?The reader realizes that the author has regrets about finding the Titanic.A mood of disappointment builds and lasts throughout the rest of the passage.A respectful mood forms alongside the existing general mood of excitement.

Who helped look for the dead bodies and survivors on the Titanic?

Only one lifeboat. The rest went somewhere else.

How many people were injured on titanic?

Out or the 2223 people on board 1517 people died and the rest got injured.

Why did the titanic have for funnels?

For exhaust. Three were connected to boiler uptakes and the fourth was connected to the kitchen and the rest of the ship for ventilation.

Could the Titanic not have sunk if the designer had been more careful?

If the bulkheads at the front of the ship had been built to the height of the rest, the Titanic probably would not have sunk and would have been able to limp into port.

Why didn't the California rescue survivors from Titanic?

Well, there were not many survivors to rescue. They rescued about six, but the rest froze in the water and died. Rose dawson today is no longer alive, but you can read all about her and her journey on the titanic

Is the titanic on display at the bottom of the ocean?

It is indeed at the bottom of the ocean (where it came to rest). However, one could not describe this situation as the Titanic being "on display", which implies that someone has arrange this for public viewing (as in a museum exhibition).

How much did the movie Titanic make at the box office?

Titanic from 1997 is the second highest grossing film of all time. It grossed $600 million in the US, $1.2 billion in the rest of the world! For a total of $1.8 billion

How people survived in the Titanic?

Some got in the life boats and some were in wooding doors and they yelled help the rest just died

How many people were saved by the titanic lifeboats?

Out of 2,228 passengers, there were 706 survivors.700 people survived the titanic incident.Around 700 people survied while the rest died which was around 1,500706 People Survived

Why dont people take titanic out of the water?

Because there are many lives lost on that ship, the captain and the lives that were lost out there they would want the ship to stay in the water and rest in peace. That is 99% INCORRECT. A group of scientists already found the Titanic. If they took the Titanic out of the water, it would disintegrate. This would happen because the Titanic is so old and rotten, and has been in the ocean for a very long time.

How many movies were made about the Titanic?

"Titanic" (1997) "The Chambermaid on the Titanic" (1997) "Titanic" (1996) Television "Titanic" (1984) Television "Raise the Titanic" (1980) "S.O.S. Titanic" (1979) Television "A Night to Remember" (1958) "Titanic" (1953) "Titanic" (1943) "Atlantik" (1929) "Titanic" (1915)

Did the titanic have the following on boardlibrary ice cream parlor gymnasium basketball court Turkish bath?

No icecream parlor. But yest to all the rest.

Is one half of iceberg above water?

1/8 of the iceberg is at the surface while the rest remains. This is an average iceberg (based on titanic)

What year did rose die from the Titanic?

Rose was a character in the story and never existed but in the mind of the writer of the story. The only thing true about the movie was the fact that the Titanic hit an iceburg and sank killing people on the ship. The rest of the story was fictional.

What happened to the Carpathia after Titanic?

The Carpathia was struck by a torpedo, 115 miles off the coast of Ireland. The famous ship that saved many Titanic's survivors, finally went to rest at the bottom of the sea. Rest In Peace Carpathia