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Q: Where does the following take place Norma looked for the Big Dipper and the North Star?
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Noma looked for the big dipper and the north star where does it take place?

It Takes place in space

Is the North Star in the Big Dipper or the Little Dipper?

The little dipper

Which star in the big dipper is the north star?

none.its the little dipper that has the north star.the 2 stars at the end of the big dipper points to the north star.its name is polaris

Does the Ursa Minor have the North Star in it?

yes it does. it is also called the Little Dipper. the tail in the Little Dipper is the North star. :-) There is another constellation called the Ursa Major or the Big Dipper. :-)

What direction is the Big Dipper in?

The North.

What is the direction of the big dipper?


Where does the big dipper pointed to?


Where is the Little Dipper in the summer?

Same place it is during the winter. In the North. The last star in the tail of the Little Dipper is Polaris, the North Star.

Where is the little dipper in the sky?

The little dipper is in our Milky Way Galaxy, actually not all that far from us. It is above the big dipper, so that it appears to be pouring into the big dipper. If you can see the north star, that is the tail (or end of the handle) of the little dipper. The middle stars of the little dipper are somewhat faint, but the two outside stars of the top and bottom of the little dipper pan are about as bright as the north star.

Where is big dipper in sky?

It's in the north.

What part of the sky is the big dipper in?

the north

Why was the big dipper a good guide for slaves who were trying to run away to the north during the civil war?

Because the tip of the Big Dipper is the North Star, and they use that as their compass.