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Q: Where does the guy who makes crazy frog live?
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Who is the biggest frog fan?

the guy who was the first person to eat frogs legs, I would assume. he must have been crazy for frogs to try that, or drunk, that helps too.

What if a guy thinks you're crazy?

Tell him that that just makes you more interesting and fun to be around. Good Luck!

Where does the guy who makes the Fred videos live?


Making a guy jealous?

im a teenager and when i make a guy jealous is when i talk to other guys and take awhile answering his texts. its makes him go crazy hahaha:) obviously

About the narrator in The Tell-Tale Heart?

He was crazy--so crazy that he didn't even know he was crazy--and he killed a guy because the guy looked funny.

Who is don quioxte?

he is a guy in a story who is crazy and fights windmills he is a guy in a story who is crazy and fights windmills

How much would family guy cost on game crazy?

Go to the Game Crazy website and search "Family Guy".

What does it mean when a guy says he's crazy about me and he smiles?

When a guy says he's crazy about you and he smiles, it means that he has fallen in love with you.

What actors and actresses appeared in Frog Crossing - 1996?

The cast of Frog Crossing - 1996 includes: Ari Gold as Frog Guy

Is Justin Bieber a crazy guy?

Yes. He is very crazy, but funny.

What actors and actresses appeared in Crazy Fishman vs the Fish Stick Guy - 2012?

The cast of Crazy Fishman vs the Fish Stick Guy - 2012 includes: Martijn Berndsen as the Fish Stick Guy Crazy Fishman as himself

What is that RB song from 1997 that is about this guy bill and the song makes fun of him for being gay?

that is very inapropiate never say that again u crazy kid

How do you make a guy crazy about me?

Buy him chocolates and,if he is alllergic to it ,just be friendly to him because you cant really make a guy crazy about you,just be kind.

Is the actor in the discover frog commercial the same guy?

The same guy as what? If you are referring to the other guy in the commercial, then it does appear to be the same guy.

What is the most popular activity for boys?

sports and playstation(etc) because sports builds them and makes them known and playstation(etc) makes them able to go crazy and be lazy, making them able to do something with their guy friends and not get bored

What should you do when a crazy guy is next to you?

you shold talk to him and hope he doesnt do anything crazy :)

What does it mean when a guy that is missing you says you drive him crazy?

It means that you are crazy and sycotic or it means that he loves you!

What is a guy you used to hang out with mean when he says you were crazy but does not mean it in a bad way?

You are crazy, and he is afraid of you.

Are some boys girl crazy?

Coming from a guy almost all boys are girl crazy.

An animal food chain in the rainforest?

< = eatsJaguar< ToucanToucan< Seeds and NutsSeeds and Nuts< Take in sunlight and proteinthe jaguar is the most common predatorAn ant eats grass. A rabbit eats the ant. A monkey eats the rabbit. The loch ness monster eats the monkey. Crazy Frog eats the loch ness monster. Then a fat guy eats Crazy Frog.

How are pandemics caused?

i dont know how to explain it so i will give an example: a guy goes to this guy and sneezes on him then that guy will go crazy and he starts going crazy then jumps off a cliff and lands on someone then sneezes on him and he does the same thing the other guy does and it goes on and on and on.

How do you get a guy to go crazy for you?

Cook for him and be youself !

What is a crazy goth name for a guy?


Is sam the cooking guy crazy?


Who is phsyco?

A crazy guy who is mentally ill.