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The Surname SANDOVAL is a Jewish surname of Sephardi origin. Loosely translated, it means 'newly cleared land' or 'Holy Land'. The name was once common among Jews living in Spain before their expulsion in 1492. Due to the fact that many of the Jews with this surname were either murdered, or forced into Catholicism, the name is now quite common among Christians living in Spain and Latin America.

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Is the name Sandoval a Jewish name?

Sandoval is a Jewish surname, it is Sephardic.

What is the birth name of Jeri Sandoval?

Jeri Sandoval's birth name is Jery Sandoval Sanabria.

What is the birth name of Sonny Sandoval?

Sonny Sandoval's birth name is Paul Joshua Sandoval.

What is the birth name of Karen Sandoval?

Karen Sandoval's birth name is Karen Alicia Sandoval Engler.

What is the birth name of Sylvia Sandoval?

Sylvia Sandoval's birth name is Sylvia Lujan Ferreyra Sandoval.

Where does the surname Sandoval come from?

It comes from the village Sandoval de la Reina in Castille, Spain.

What is the birth name of Pilar Sandoval?

Pilar Sandoval's birth name is Alejandra del Pilar Sandoval Salas.

Is Hope Sandoval's given name Esperanza Sandoval?

No her official name is Hope Sandoval. Although the translation of hope in spanish is esperanza.

Who is famous with the name Kyle Sandoval?


What is the name of the lead singer of pod?

Sonny Sandoval

What is Jerry from kickin it real name?

junior sandoval

What nicknames does Che Sandoval go by?

Che Sandoval goes by Che Sandoval.

What is the birth name of Adelita Sandoval?

Adelita Sandoval's birth name is Adelita Romero.

What is the birth name of Brooke Fields?

Brooke Fields's birth name is Allison Sandoval.

What is the birth name of Yatana?

Yatana's birth name is Claudian Yatana Sandoval Medina.

Where is the Sandoval Branch Library in Sandoval located?

The address of the Sandoval Branch Library is: 101 North Broadway, Sandoval, 62882 1113

Who is yaki in banda el recodo girlfriend?

Her name is Karla Sandoval.

Is Sandoval Portuguese?

Sandoval is a portuguese surname.

What is the birth name of Silvana Sandoval?

Silvana Sandoval's birth name is Aguetes, Blanca Mara.

What does the surname Sandoval mean?

The proud and noble Spanish surname Sandoval is a "local surname", in that the persons who originally bore this surname lived in a place that was named Sandoval, in the Burgos region. This place-name derives from Latin-language words that mean "newly-cleared land". The Sandoval surname is first found in the records of Castile.

How tall is Cary Sandoval?

Cary Sandoval is 6'.

What is the birth name of Axel Moss?

Axel Moss's birth name is Jos Alejandro Lugo Sandoval.

What is the birth name of Julia Sandoval?

Julia Sandoval's birth name is Julia Delia Toscano Barrientos.

What is the birth name of Alejandra Toussaint?

Alejandra Toussaint's birth name is Luisa Alejandra Sandoval Toussaint.

What is the birth name of Cecilia Gabriela?

Cecilia Gabriela's birth name is Cecilia Gabriela Vera Sandoval.

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