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Where does the pope get his power?

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The pope derives his power from an unbroken succession of the line of bishops begining with Jesus telling Peter you are the rock upon which I build my church throughout history to today and Pope Benedict XVI.

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Q: Where does the pope get his power?
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How much power does the pope have like what can he do?

The power of the Pope is built on fear. If you do not believe he has power, he has none over you.

How much power does the pope have at the eastern orthodox church?

The Pope has no power over the Orthodox Church. There are 7 Patriarchs, who are equivalent to a Pope.

Which pope is in power 2009?

Pope Benedict XVI.

Who has more power the pope or the patriarch?

The pope had authority or all kings and emperors.

How did Napoleon symbolically reduce the power of the pope in Europe?

pope was cool

Who had the most power the pope or the king?

Pope he told the king what to do and could excommunicate him.

Does the pope have absolute power?

no, God does

What are the powers of the pope?

The Pope has the power to appoint bishops, to pass papal decrees and to guide the teachings of the Catholic faith. Though the Pope is said to have supreme power, he still refers to God.

How did the First Crusade benefit both the pope and the Church?

When the pope took power and led the army of soldiers, women, and elderly, it made it seem like the pope had plenty of power of everything. Not only that, it also expanded the power in the church.

How long does the pope stay in power?

Supposedly until the Pope dies or is unable to work.

Who had the power in most European states?

the pope

Who strengthen the power of the papacy?

pope Gregory

Who had most power in the middle ages?

The Pope did!

The power struggle between popes and kings?

In the past, such as the Middle Ages, the pope had immense power. This was because nearly everyone went to church back then (namely the Catholic church, which the pope belongs to), thereby giving the pope extreme power. (Hence the common corruption/misuse of power when it came to the popes-- though that is a matter of opinion.) Due to being at the head of such power, the pope acted as someone of, well, power. However, they weren't supposed to be the head of the power. The king(s) was. And so a power struggle is what ensued, with the Church (pope) wanting or possessing power that, by law, belonged to the king. And, of course, the pope held power over the church people, complicating the problem. This power struggle shows what it means to have a separation between church and state, and to have a lack of one. An example of this power struggle is with Pope Leo III and Charlemagne. Read about it at the link below. Remember to read Part II to get the whole picture.

How did Pope Benedict come into power?

In April of 2005 he was elected as pope by the College of Cardinals in a conclave to replace Pope John Paul II.

What is a Jesuit pope?

A Jesuit pope would be a member of the Jesuit Order of priests who is elected as pope. Pope Francis is the first such pope. The new media sometimes refers to the Superior General of the Jesuits as the 'Black Pope' because of his power and the color of his clothing.

Who had the power over the Pope in Rome?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Pope is the Vicar of Christ on earth. So obviously the only one who has power over him is God, Himself.

What pope wanted Christians to unite to redress what he saw as an imbalance of power between?

Pope Urban II

What were the power of the pope?

Theoretically the Pope is infallible and what he says has to be obeyed. However in these days of democratic government The pope has lost most of his power in the outside world, (thank god) and his decisions are most likely also vetted in the Vatican by the Cardinals.

Who had most political power in the middle age?

The pope.

Which pope wanted Christians to unite to redress what he saw as an imbalance of power between Christianity and Islam?

Pope bemedict

What power does the pope have over Catholics in the world?

The Pope has no power - per se - over Catholics. The pope is the Vicar of Christ, he is the final arbitrator on earth of what is and what is not Christian dogma, how the liturgy should be celebrated, and how Christians should behave. But he never teaches on his own, he only teaches for Our Blessed Lord. Thus any "power" would be God's, and the Pope would only be His mouthpiece.

Who has the power of juisdiction in the Catholic Church?

The Pope is the temporal leader of the Catholic Church, and a Bishop has power over a small portion of the world [called a Diocese], but he must ultimately answer to the Pope.

How did Gregory I increase the political power of the pope?

Gregory I increased the political power of the pope by expanding his powers. He started to become more involved with the secular powers in the political world.

Why did Charlemagne not invite the Pope when he passed his crown to his son?

Charlemagne was not prepared for his coronation and may not have wanted to be crowned by the Pope. If the Pope had the power to crown Charlemagne king, the Pope might also have the right to remove the crown.