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The Power Steering Fluid goes into the power steering container under the hood of the car. A person opens the hood of the car, and looks for a lid marked Power Steering, it is usually yellow or black in color.

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Q: Where does the power steering fluid go in a geo prism?
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What fluid should be used in the power steering pump of a geo prism?

you can try transmission fluid

How do you change the power steering hose on a 93 geo prism?

How do you replace power steering pressure hose on a 1993 geo prizm

How do you replace power steering fluid 95 Geo Metro?

To replace power steering fluid on a 95 Geo Metro, open the hood. There is a large yellow knob labeled with powering steering fluid only. Drain the old power steering fluid and place new fluid.

Where is the steering wheel fluid on 1994 Geo Prizm?

The power steering fluid is stored in the power steering reservoir. The power steering pump is driven by a belt. Look for it.

Where does the power steering fluid go in a Geo Metro?

It is important to maintain the fluids in a car. Looking under the hood, there is a large yellow knob labeled power steering fluid only, this is where the fluid goes.

Does a 5speed 1996 Geo Tracker have power steering?

Yes it does. I have a 96 geo tracker and it does have power steering.

What is the correct power steering fluid to use in a 1993 Geo Prizm?

Any good quality auto transmission fluid will work.

Why does your 1997 geo prizm engine whine when you turn the wheel?

You may need to add some power steering fluid to the steering reseviour.

What kind of power steering fluid should you use on a 1993 geo tracker?

there is only to types of fluid synthetic and conventional. they will both work

Airbags Geo Prism?

Yes the Geo Prism has ait bags.

Why is your 1995 Geo Prizm squealing?

A 1995 Geo Prism may experience squealing if the power steering pump is failing or the serpentine belt is loose. Tightening the belt and applying a belt conditioner are the first step to addressing this problem.

After market power steering for 1992 Geo Tracker?

go to a wrecker and find a truck with a power steering setup, there are a few out there.

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